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Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservat

A deep background source has provided us with a document detailing the distribution of genocide machines — guillotines — across America in preparation for a left-wing coup attempt that will see Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists literally beheading conservatives, Christians and White people.

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No Worries Here, String! scold

I'm Saved! very happy The li'l sum'bltches can't Threaten me with Eternal Life ... tongue

That's assuming the Rapture super doesn't rob 'em of the opportunity, of course grin

Goodbye Y'All.lips
They can take my head but they can't touch my soul.
For sure I will not be reincarnating on CS. rolling on the floor laughing
if you are right with the Lord no problem.

We both know Where we're goin' - No doubt 'bout That ... very happy

Just to make things interesting while we wait & Keep Lookin' Up roll eyes ...
How 'bout a side bet on How we'll get there?
Guillotine or Rapture.

I'm a Mid-Trib kinda guy, so my money's on Guillotine.

Might as well go all in - Neither of us'll be here to pay off no matter Who wins.

I got $100 Million sez our heads are comin' off!
Any Pre-Tribbers wanna put your money where y'all's Blessed Hope is??



"No sane person having attained the age of 60 would consent to live his own or anyone else's life over again."
- Mark Twain

Thats what happened in the French Revolution isn't it? Right after the American Revolution?
However you Trumpies are just creating an absurd false slander to cover up for evil Trump.
Let Trump blow away the protesters with hate speech, more lies and your guns. Problem solved

Embedded image from another site
With the enormous quantity of guns in the world why would anybody decide to resurrect a device from the middle ages to carry out mass murder? Besides, what about all the blood that's going to be spilled all over the place not to mention all those heads and on top of that, incinerating all that flesh is gonna make quite a stink. What a load of crap! Some people will believe anything that they see in print.
I'm just glad to hear the white liberals won't be spared. help
This is pre-guillotine.
you are right Mic the believers will have to go through the antichrist rule.
Last words before the guillotine chop:

"I'm headin' off"

Why guillotines? They’re low-tech and have just one moving part. They don’t break down and require no ammunition, no electricity and no fuel to operate. Unlike all other death machines, guillotines can be effectively used even when societal infrastructure is crippled.

Plus, guillotines are so simple that even people as stupid as Democrats can figure out how to use them. (Although it’s questionable whether basement-dwelling Antifa soy boys have the physical strength to reset the blade after each beheading…)

By the way, the solution to stopping people from using guillotines is to shoot the people who are operating them, in case you were wondering.
What ever happened to all those supposed FEMA concentration camps that Obama allegedly was constructing ? roll eyes Will the b.s. ever stop ? dunno I remember Willy propagating that one a few years back. scold

Thanks Jim theu borrowed the for covid remember
Jim They borrowed them for covid remember.?
blues sorry I sneezed just then.
Gee, Raph, seems you mayn't have Any bug out plan - Guillotines OR Rapture.

Might be stuck on this rock for the Long Haul Whatever the Plan of Providence ...
7 years Great Tribulation (Pre-Trib)
3 1/2 years Tribulation & then 3 1/2 years Days Of Wrath (Mid-Trib)

For Heaven's Sake! wink ... Consider y'all's' options ... NOW!
"For He says: 'In the acceptable time I listened to you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.' Behold, now is the time of favor; behold, now is the day of salvation."
- Corinthians 6:2

... Especially(!) if it's Mid-Trib - which seems Likely in light of the above ^
There'll be NO Post-Rapture gettin' Saved if That's how it goes.

The 1st 3 1/2 years (Tribulation) go Well for the Unsaved (no guillotines smile)

BUT THEN ... Raptured Saints - Taken Out! ... Age Of Grace - Ended! ... 3 1/2 years Days Of Wrath!!!
Search: Biblical Days Of Wrath (Not to be confused with the movie "Days Of Wrath")
... It ain't gonna be pretty sad

And, without going into details, it gets Worse After That!!

Just sayin' ... smile

Grapes of Wrath
This blog begs the question. How long does the head live after it is chopped off uh oh
The rapture I would choose would involve Claudia Schiffer and Megan Fox.
It wouldn't be biblical, but it would be epic ! banana

They have one lined up for Bezos , no sense in having hair dull the blade . Bet he's abit perplexed considering his support for communist causes . One thing though , the frogs turned their's on the revolutionaries , the only time they could shut the big mouth Robespierre up . Same goes for Bezos
Embedded image from another site

Guv Ventura did an Excellent documentary that Confirmed the FEMA Camps.
Sadly, it's been taken down by YouTube Globalists - Which PROVES the Guv Correct!
... As we all know.

Following the trail of the 30,000 guillotines acquired from France is a stickier wicket.

The story 1st leaked that W Bush obtained the National Razors to rid Murka of traitorous Leftist/Globalist scum such as our esteemed bloggers, 'Nastics & Raph.

The question WHY the Bush Administration allowed the guillotines to fall into the hands of Soros's puppet, Barry, who could've rolled the heads of Christian Patriots remains unanswered.
... For obvious reasons.

tinfoil hat Trust #1

uh oh
rolling on the floor laughing TMI the menage 'e tres song no, no and hell no.

Y'all's humble commenter blushing has uncovered PROOF the guillotines are REAL!

Globalists intend Demented Ol' Joe to lop heads off Christian Patriots!


In light of this revelation wink I'm sweetening the pot for y'all Pre-Tribbers!

$1/2 Billion on Guillotines ... AND ... I'll take Long Odds!


Things are "lookin' Up"! thumbs up
Lift Up Y'all's Heads ... while we still got 'em!

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near."
- Luke 21:28

very happy


I would urge all of you to watch this clip very scary content that I am sure none of us knew about. it is 57 min. but you should find it interesting.
Conspiracy porn.barf It's evil.devil
1)HINT: If you see someone in a "Q" helmet or a MAGA hat with an AR-57 pointed at you, don't wave hi!

2)HINT: If you see a guillotine contraption on the sidewalk, don't stick your head or any other part of your
body in the hole at the bottom !

banana teddybear

"If They Ever Do A Remake Of"
"One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest?"

"You'll Get Christopher Lloyd's Part.....Easily"

"You Wouldn't Even Have To Act The Part!!"

"Just Be Yourself!!".........................detective


The answer's as simple as it is obvious, if one thinks 'bout it.

Beheading does less damage than other methods of eliminating Christian Patriots.

Organs can thus be "mined" from the bodies to be profitably marketed or used to extend the Earthly sojourns of Globalist Elites.

Also, unpoisoned (no lethal injection/gas scold ) Christian Patriots Could be processed into, shall we say, Soylent Green.

Hanging doesn't do much damage, but it's prohibitively time consuming.

If the neck isn't cleanly broken, a Christian Patriot might air jig 20 minutes - maybe more - before giving up the ghost.

No slow ups with Guillotines!
*thunk* - *plop* ... NEXT!

× 30,000 Guillotines ... Eliminating 1/2 million Christian Patriots/day would be child's play.

Try doin' That with gallows.
Yeah. I don't think so scold


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