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A sign of the things to come ?

From the Huffington Post today;

(continued in my first comment below)

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(continued from above)
A real sign of things to come. Maybe they should hold a vote at the polls like it's supposed to be. We don't know that it was an honest vote any more.

Yeah, they acted as bearers of a few ballots. Wrong, but nothing substantial.
Perhaps they didn't even know they couldn't be bearers. dunno
It likely would have had no real affect on the outcome.

As NJ AG stated;

How about in NY and Cali. rolling on the floor laughing
If ANTIFA and BLM can burn cities now in November voters should have a right to properly vote... if not it's a fraud.
More like a sine...~~~~
The rioting and the looting is the real sign of things to come. professor
Voters DO have a right to properly vote.
Indeed, they can do it in person, or by mail. thumbs up
By mail is traditionally how the military has done it.
You're talking about the military... not Pelosi's fraudulent election scam using George Soros voting machines like the past. If you want to save the Republic go out and vote. If you can wait in line for beer the math is simple.
Voting by either method is acceptable.
If you worry so much, make sure you go in person.

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