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Civil humans navigate existence scaredly
the less than live nefariously
Moral people desire meaningful life
alleged almighty said 'let Evil be rife'

Faith based folks represent the majority
the ill-informed defy authority
So-called Cancel Culture snuffing history
stoking current uprising no mystery

Colleges are brainwashing our young
leftist professors preach false dung
Patriotic Americans begrudgingly sacrifice
eventually reaching "f*ck BN Nice"

Unarmed black men being sought
another blatant lie long taught
Bitching and moaning is full-time
scream injustice while perpetrating crime

Defund Police latest insane rant
capitulate to extremist we can't
Soros instructs these clueless fools
protesters succumb to mob rules

Dethrone Trump whatever it takes
politicians the slimiest of snakes
Our nations sovereignty under attack
you're Racist if not black

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