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July on the farm.

One word. HOT! And will be for a couple of weeks. So up and out in the morning, lay up til late and out again to do chores. My buckets of veggies are flourishing. Except the one a blasted squirrel dug in. I think those plants will recover.
I am trying a new idea. Potatos in stacks of tires. Now I am scrounging for old tires. Finding them here and there in the weeds. But, too many are still on rims. My guy is happy to bring me some of his.laugh yay Now how often do people WANT junk tires?
I have two of the stacks that are 4 and 5 tires high. Do I go higher? The tops are above again. Use a bucket truck? I swear these things will keep growing to redwoods!wow And I have to unstack to harvest too.
There are different ideas on line. Plant in a trench. That didn't work. Plant in a barrel. Ever try to dig or dump a 30 gallon barrel filled with dirt. Then there is the garbage bag planting. Again we have dirt all over when harvesting. And like the bag would last inquisitive squirrels, rabbits, coon and cats. What is in there..must be good to eat. Yuck..potatos!confused
Thanks to some really lousy hay this winter I have a lot of junk hay in the barnyard. And the chickens scratch and scratch so it is getting broken up small. Dry it weighs little. The idea is the plants shoot up and then the potatos grow along the stems. Easy to harvest. I shall see this fall.
Yesterday I added straw to a stack. WH! Ooo you little varmint, mouse darted into a tire below. So I hollered for cats..Steamboat...Indigo...I need you..someone? So called in cat. Blanket came over and meowed, what? I said there is a mouse in the tires! She jumped up to another stack and I picked her up and stuck her in the stack. She came right back up. BUT....confused she smelled the mouse. So she is around the top checking this out, sniff sniff. I held the plants back..BOOM she dove in and came back out with a squirming mouse. Standing on top with it. Then here comes Steamboat and called?dunno Yeah are too late, she caught it.
That was a good deal..not like the other cat, Dune, who is walking around the tire stacks, whatcha doin and then steps in and starts to potty! SWAT! NO! Just cause it smells like barnyard, doesn't mean you go in it too.
I am tired of waiting for the farrier to show up like he said for the mule and the 79 year old sheep shearer for the two ewes. So got one hind hoof done without getting kicked. And am trying to FIND the white ewe Lily. I KNOW there is a sheep in there somewhere. I told her if wool was worth anything these days, she would make me rich. I clipped her last year and she looks like hasn't been for 50! So cutting with scissors til I know where her skin is and then use the clippers. At least this year she figured out what I am doing so holds still.
The black ewe Storm, is a hairless. Which means part pluckable. If sheared she would look hairy like a goat. He neck is bare and working into body. Weird. Guess her wool is worthless. But neat, part wool and part hair.
Rest of chores is fighting weeds and the jungle. And cutting scrub trees. Or poinking them. I swear every acorn sprouts. Black raspberries getting ripe. Pig out time.banana

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Beware of the chiggers in the blackberry thicket Miss O. wine
Oh dont tell me about those damned chiggers. Never know where, when or how, but sure know IF!!very mad mumbling very mad
I LOVE July and used to practically live on the water.
Brown as a bean and a fairly good fisher woman.The lakes peak quickly though as weed beds thrive.

I doubt the warning signs are keeping bridge jumpers away and quarry swimmers from trespassing.

blushing skinny dippers are also in their birthday suits.
Embedded image from another site
My girlfriend, next farm talked me into skinny dipping in our river once. We laid the suits on the bank and went in the water. And her German Shepard grabbed a piece, ready to retrieve it back to the house. We bailed out darn quick..NO you don't!scold wow
If I think back, she always got me in trouble. One year, river super low..lets see how far we can walk. Went sandbar to sandbar, shallow to shallow. Suddenly, what is that...oh hell..that is the highway bridge over the river in TOWN! We had walked 9 miles. Now what. Swimsuits, no money. 5 pm, not walking back. HA. Granny in law lives on corner, call your mom. She said couldn't cause waiting for someone. blues Oh, call the gas station, can you give a ride home. Sure. He showed up with 2 other guys in the wagon. Girls in bikinis..dancing applause She went in front seat,between two. I went in back with one. In between, a wet dog who just loved the guy.rolling on the floor laughing
She came over with other friend. Lets go bike ride. Mom said OK, but be home before dad or he will yell...stay off roads. So we ride, and ride, they got idea, go visit schoolmate, cute kid. I found out time, wow wow Head home. Stopped at country store and bought a fudgescicle. Ride like the wind, eating it. Got home before dad and looked down..doh My yellow sweater was all brown chocolate spots. Mom said don't worry, go change, I will get it out.
Again...her farm. Guys had been hot tarring their roof. She said lets go check it out. The guys told her good to chew tar for teeth. So we got into the tar. I am DEAD! Her mom said wear her clothes, take yours out and dip in gasoline and then she would wash and dry.
You know, surprising all of us never got lead poisoning. Washed parts in gasoline. Pumped gas. is hotter and hotter. Plants drooping in sun. No rain in forcast. Hello rain barrels.sigh
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing thumbs up hug
After two wet years was happy to see a drier one. And then...uh...too dry. Need rain. Plants that grow wild were getting droopy. The leaves on the corn were starting to furl. Yesterday, cloud came over. Please please please...and gone past. Not a drop. GRRRR.
So today, checked pots, still good from watering. 89 degrees. Afternoon, clouding up. Was that...thunder!! YES! And down came the rains. Stop start and kept it up. 2 inches worth. My tub pond has water, was going to fix that leaking drain..oh well...buckets on decks to collect are full. Rain barrels are full. May rain Thursday, watch it be too much now.
Poor veggies got rather beaten. No problem tho...90 and sunny tomorrow will pick their little heads back up. Of course with heat advisory, may have cooked plants!laugh scold
OMG here comes the humidity and heat lightening, the gully washers, groundstrikes and ...rainbows.

and the poor corn is supposed be knee high by the fourth of July.

" I Agree With The Picture You Have Painted For Us Here"

"The...... "Great Outdoors".... Is A Wonderful Thing To Be Amongst"

"And?.....For Me?"

"What Makes The Experience Even That Much Better?..... Is"
"Getting Away From People"

"That?....Is What Makes The "Great Outdoors"

"So Wonderful"............................detective
Orzzz Sure love your farm stories, hope you keep a diary, write a book?................peace .................Jenny
Thanks Jenny. But, too many days pass where nothing much happens. Used to try 1 nothing happened, day 2 same 3 same.
Got two inches of rain one day and then over night and two more the next day. Corn is way more than knee high, more like chest high. Black raspberries are ripening. Breakfast is take bath in skeeter repellent and go graze. Of course with my usual retinue of cats following. BLAST IT DUNE..stay out from under foot!frustrated Either I am going to step on him and hurt him, or trip over him and hurt me!very mad
Ran into my tenant at the barn last eve. He was mulling around, opened the door back to the hay side so the geese and duck could go in and herded them in and locked up. I was in the chicken coop. I had put the ewes in their pen, mule still out. We all have a routine. Part includes the mule. He come back where I give cat food so he can get his handful. Then I go into the coop for corn. If I am slow, he gives me a boost over the bottom third door by head into my butt and shove. Thanks loads! He then reaches in and helps me with his nose to raise the lid on number one freezer and gets extra corn when I fill the chicken feeders. When I am coming with his and ewes cans of corn, he opens the door for me and then goes to his stall.
Tenant was screwing up our system. Mule opened coop door, Steve shut it and pushed him back.doh very mad OH YEAH! There went the mules head, down and UP! Right between Steves legs. He yelped and swore. I said mule is a stallion and knows where it hurts.rolling on the floor laughing
He really needs to learn the routine.roll eyes
The other day he was up and was trying to herd the ewes in the barn which of course they went tongue I went to the door and said stall..and they ran right in.You can lead a horse to water but cant make him drink.Neither can you teach a man tricks.wink
Just stopping by to say hello to you, Orzzz wave
Hiddy ho back. Your pic reminds apple tree is covered with apples. Amazed at all the fruits and such when I never saw pollinators except for a few bumbles.confused dunno
That pic was taken in mid-September of last year, a month and a half after I set foot in the US for the first time.

I hope we can go to other apple farms for picking apples this year. I was trying to convince Art to take me to a local lavender and bee farm tour here.

He has agreed but I then changed my mind coz they want $10 for each person. I could get a lot of things from the Goodwill with that amount of money! grin
That slows down many things. I can't see paying outrageous prices for some things. There are lots of free experiences to remember. Now it seems zoos, museums and more think $35 and up is a great price. Guess poor families can just go look at pictures in a book. Zoos at least, need money to feed critters. Museums are filled with stuff. Go look free at antique malls. Or my house..laugh
I wonder about the secret lives of cats. Mine all mainly outside cats. Come and go all night and day as they please. I have lost some. Of course, always the nice pets, not the hissy barn cats. But, there is the avalanche of kittens to replenish my retinue.
Electric line tree trimmers were here. My guy and I were outside and he said to the one guy, how many kittens do you want...half joking. Trimmer said actually, they lost their kitten...thunder and it took off and hasn't come back. He checked out my batches and ended up coming back when done work and took two. dancing cheering applause wave
My SO said tell others if they need kittens. He told me, never hurts to ask. I feel like kittens around farms are like zucchinis. Everyone grows them, they are prolific and few want them. Ends up with people trying to pawn them off to others doing the same. Maybe we need a zucchini swap show?
Husband came home once with some. I said why!doh thumbs down He said he didn't take them. Guy at work was hounding everyone. No takers. When hubbie went to leave after work, they were laying on the truck floor, passenger side. I said bad when people break into vehicles to put veggies IN.rolling on the floor laughing
Anyway, back to secret lives of cats. I raise some kittens up to be pets. Some are super. Last year named one Tripod because he had 3 patches on head. Real smoocher he turned out to be. Patches grew together.sigh About 2 weeks or more ago he vanished. Now I have lost 4 or 5 over time. This summer one of my "bulls", big black and white tom.
So after so long, give up. Today, walking around eating black raspberries. 3 or 4 cats following along. Head back and call, back to house before you become someones lunch.
Look back, see black and white..assume one of the females. Get to lawn and notice, uh...lumps? No, male lumps...confused TRIPOD!!hug You're home! yay
Now the question..Where have you been? He has a good potbelly. Either he is a great hunter...or he has been sucking up to a neighbor who has been feeding him? What secrets..he won't tell.

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