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Tearing down statues in China

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"Mao Zedong's Statue?"

"Should Be The First One To Topple"
(He Is Responsible For The Killing Of Millions Of His Fellow Chinese)
(By Turning The Younger Generations Against The Older Generations)

"And The Second One Should Be?"

"Deng Xioaping"
(He's The Commie Ruthless Killer That Unleashed Death)
(Upon His Fellow Peaceful Demonstrators In "Tiananmen Square")

"And Eventually?

"Xi Jinping"
(Because He's In The Process Of Wiping Out Millions Of The Uighur People)
"And Going After Christian Churches"
"And Anything That Has To Do With Religion"...........................detective
Are you perhaps drawing a parallel between the excesses and demented zeal of the Zhongguó wénhuà gémìng Chinese cultural revolution, and the current American (and Australian) seemingly equal zeal towards destroying celebration of the past? The heroes of yesterday being the long dead villains of today and thus to be torn down and smashed?
Comparing BLM and some vandalism by various nutter elements to the Cultural revolution horror of China is pure ignorance. One was a tidal wave that wiped out a huge Country. The other a water hose in someone's backyard.doh comfort
well Raphy,you ain't there yet!
Don't worry,your Friends will get there with a little more advice from the "respectable"rolling on the floor laughing Left!
@raph not a deeply considered response, was it?
I asked the op if he is referring to the iconoclasm of the cultural revolution, and drawing a parallel with the iconoclasm now in USA, Australia. It happened with the Taliban in 2001, they destroyed giant statues of the Buddha in central Afghanistan. Islamic State militants toppled ancient structures in the historic city of Palmyra, Syria. Symbols — including flags and portraits — of reviled leaders like World War II Germany’s Adolf Hitler were destroyed after a fall from power. Saddam Hussein's statues pulled down. Hitler of course and Stalin, Lenin too. The USA destroying much of the Summer palace in Beijing during their invasion of China. The French and British bombing the Hue ancient palace - standard practice it seems. Destroy! Destroy destroy!

Why not attack the statue of Liberty, while at it? That would make a statement. Or the Sphynx.

Not all of these are in the same ballpark, of course, but the same question stands.
I'd say yes Fargo I'm comparing the tearing down of statues and destroying history that occurred in China's cultural revolution to what happening today. I might add there's a similar comparison to what happened in Venezuela and what is happening in the US if you agree with the young lady in this video. It seems to be one of the first steps in a revolution.

But what's interesting is that people were able to understand the comparison on their own without my having to point it out. Even Rap figured it out on his own. Sort of. comfort

We don't always see eye to eye fargo but I realize you're a smart guy and thank for the contributions.
Nam it would be nice to see those statues come down.
I always enjoy your comments Conrad.
I like the backbreaking labour for urban intellectual youth. Let no student go to college without first being made quite literally a slave. Take the best of Mao's cultural revolution - six months on a plantation to build character - without the tearing down.
Pick me, pick me too, SYK, my friend. But just the facts, my men.
Somehow trying to blame the depth and breath of the CR on the gang of four is quaint, and not surprising, at the level of a teacher, on line, non- certified, but perhaps certifiable, of the wasteful and laughable "discipline" of English as a Second Tongue. Probably goes along with failure at music, bullying, and so on.
Chairman Mao may have dallied with young, VERY young, admiring girls girls at the dances to Western music. But say what you will, he never dallied with his power, over the party, of his wifey.
Depth and breath indeed. As evidenced by: The reeducation protocols and country camps. Hate filled policies of having friends and family members (kids!) turning in alleged turncoats. The nonsense of small metal forges in every back yard (also, as with the Great Leap Backward). Famine from terrible collective farming practices. The bullying/persecution of the wealthy and highly edumacated, ---I do so feel it here, oh the pain,--- and so much more.
His little red book, VERY little, makes for interesting study.
I thought the fun was finally done in by the lack of challenge. But perhaps not. I'll keep trying, I know I can do it.
@fargo I'm not aware that the Statue of Liberty was under attack by the BLM group, or planning was in progress. But leave it to Trumps Brown Shirts to start a dis info campaign.

I'm sure if Trumpies can get a false flag operation and attack the Statue of Liberty, Trump will find a way to cover for them. They already started a false rumor about Mt. Rushmore.

I've heard very negative things about the statue of Liberty from the right. A re gift from France, a black lie, etc.

The best advice for BLM is to find a pigeon control unit for their vandalism and set to work cleaning a myriad of statues all over the nation.
Hardly a false flag rumor about Mt. Rushmore. If Biden wins the dynamite will go boom.uh oh Stone Mountain too.

This is starting to get serious. Someone is funding this group and it won't end well.

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