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Donald Trump has "twisted behaviors" and "cheating as a way of life" ~ Mary L. Trump

Mary Trump's tell all book is scheduled to be published next week.

Today, moments ago, in The New York Times;

(continued in my first comment below)

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(Continued from above)

No wonder Putin selected him and helped him win in 2016. He's not a "stable genius", as he's attempting to get people to believe. In reality he's an unstable idiot, that can be controlled by his ego by wealthy dictators, especially Putin, who not only baled him out of what would have been Trump's 7th bankruptcy, as part of his grooming, but also hooked him up with Russian oligarchs, who he launders money for, which is a major source of income for Trump in this decade. He's been used by Putin for a long time and Trump has benefited from that financially. The one's who lose out, are the Russian & American citizens. Trump is not a Republican. He's not a Democrat. And he's certainly not a good person, nor person, who should be in a position of political power. He's a fraud, a pathological liar, a conman, a demagogue, corrupt, and the worst US president in history. thumbs down
Those information were known before he got elected.
Tapes showed Trump behaving badly and he still got elected.

Lets see if the voters had a wake up call and will do something different.

I know dumb a** Bolton will throw away his vote. frustrated
I've dabbled with respect to the traits which Donald Trump exhibits.

I've become tangled up in Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Anti-social Personality Disorder, malignant narcissism (a hypothetical, experimental diagnostic category originally proposed to encapsulate traits presented by historical despots) and some kind of degenerative neurology.

I get to the point where it's so overwhelming, I can't hold it all in my head.

I can hold quite a lot of perspectives on the same subject in my head by placing my thoughts in a three dimensional grid, but I end up going blank where Trump is concerned.
A - Yeah, it's not like those of us who pay attention didn't realize, that Trump was totally unqualified for a government position, least of all, president. Mary's book seems to only confirm, what we already knew, but from a more inside the family position.
However, for those who only knew Trump from his book and/or the TV show, perhaps it sheds more accurate light on the real Donald Trump.

J - It doesn't take a well educated psychologist to surmise, that there's a lot mentally wrong with Donald Trump. His lack pf empathy, his highly fragile ego, his racism, his greed, his need for approval, his inability to not only take criticism, but to even take the advice of experts, his constant lying, bragging and cheating, his early morning berations of the citizens he's suppose to represent, along with him embracing dictators and bizzare conspiracy theories, all point to some serious psychological maladies within the malfunctioning brain of Donald Trump. I don't think you "go blank". It's more that the total picture of dysfunction is overwhelming in it's totality.
Well! not too long to go till you can vote. Will all this bickering come to an end then I wonder? I think that this guy should take over America rolling on the floor laughing

Well! he can't do any worse than Mr D grin
He could be one & the same. lol

Quick as a bunny, as Borowitz often is, here is his new humor column today
in response to Mary Trump's book story in The New York Times;

Moments ago in The New Yorker;

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