SCOTUS hands Pres.Trump a covert victory on his taxes....

....turning yet another witch hunt, coup equivalent, failed case by the NY state Democrat AG back to be litigated further in lower courts. In the 9 to 0 decision, the point was made, that a president is not completely immune from state originated subpoenas. Big BUT, VERY big, such officials must also be protected from such moves which "MAY BE POLITICALLY MOTIVATED".
The further court persecution procedures will easily take place until well after the election.
As always, follow your deep hate motivated feelings, and TD-HD Syndrome biased convictions and emotions. But just read up on the FACTS, and don't take the fat little illiterate Vierk Gnome's words for it.
Just one more small step for the man, and a big step for mankind. Sooooo SWEET.
Thank the Goddess for the impaired Ex VP Biden, and the Dem's ongoing circular firing squad, of increasing disarray, and near panic. November.
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I agree, it was a win for Trump, no matter what anti Trump people are saying. They're wishing this could be damaging in November, but it won't be. If there was something there against Trump, the IRS would have already acted on it, and this Trump tax thing has been going on ever since he got into office. It's ALL POLITICS!thumbs down
Yep, friends, now over three years of failures to stage a coup against a legal election. You'd think some might learn, and most can and do. As in the quip about repeating the same behaviors, and expecting different results.
But read all the info from our prestigious Vierk Institutet, on the formidable Trump Derangement-Hilary Deficit Syndromes. Can't make this up.
Actually it is a loss for Trump, no one is suggesting Trump has cheated the IRS, it’s all to do with who he has money from and where it has been spent.
How much money the liar in chief actually has, opposed to what he publicly infers.
His using election money for paying off the sex affairs he had.
His sales of buildings to Russians which may involve money laundering.
Etc etc.
Yep, R. The report I heard said taxes were somehow in the loop. Perhaps for background info. But they did say they were mostly looking at Deutsche Bank---one of his investment coconspirators.
In any case, all reports, even on your side of the fence, are saying it'll be tied up in lower courts till way after the repeat Trump victory in November. So I called it a covert victory.
President Trump has never wanted to receive the $400.000 he is entitled to each year
That is a lot of money he forfeited here
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