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Goya boycott backfires bigly as Trump supporters buy up Goya products like it’s Christmas

The Left’s lame “Boycott Goya” campaign to bully and silence Goya Food CEO Robert Unanue for praising President Trump has backfired in epic fashion after scores of Trump supporters launched their own counter-boycott called “Goya Buy-cott.”

The “Buy-cott” campaign inspired countless Trump supporters to go to their local stores and buy up Goya olives, seasonings, and canned beans like it’s like Christmas.

In fact, Goya couldn’t have asked for better marketing if it had paid millions of dollars in prime-time TV and newspaper ads.

President Trump kicked things off by tweeting, “I love Goya Foods!”

Philanthropist Foster Friess tweeted: “Over the past few days, there has been an effort to Boycott Goya, so let’s turn this into something good:

BUY Goya Products.
DONATE them to Homeless Shelters, Food banks, Senior Homes
POST Pictures and encourage others to do the same!

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I'm not surprised.
Ha Ha!!! There's also a Go Fund Me page set up for donations. They were looking for $10,000 to purchase Goya products and donate to Washington DC area food pantries. They're already up to over $68,000. laugh
They are now up to over $96,000. What I found interesting is there was a lot of support for the CEO and his freedom of speech without retribution. There were many comments that although they weren't supporting Trump - they were supporting thwarting the "cancel culture". People should be allowed to voice their opinion without retaliation because someone doesn't agree with them. Hmmmm sounds familiar....
The gentleman who started the page plans on using local stores for some of the purchases but because of the large volume has also reached out to Goya. I think it's great and hope that others have the courage to stand up for the freedoms we're slowly losing.
That Boycott really backfired BIGLY!rolling on the floor laughing
cheering applause cheering applause cheering applause cheering applause cheering
Most people are worried about whats in the cans. I heard that some factory employees are putting in surprises for the gringos!wow uh oh
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