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Hens story

More about love and it's short comings.. conversing blushing help hug kiss very mad smitten heart wings

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Very short..dunno an Intro or ? Profile review.
Well...a story of 6 words....says it all really!

Or maybe your story is told by the emoticons grin smitten hug
More about love and it's short comings.. conversing blushing help hug kiss very mad smitten heart wings

heart wings cool angel wave banana smitten wine beer very mad kiss peace
Wrinkly ~ It's all there. What more could you want ?
The Banana is a little obvious but a lovely lady in her underwear and she uses emoticons instead of words so a more action kinda gal. banana wink
You want him " to come straight" or not at all.
Good in theory if you are not posting it in the geriatric section.grin
Here they do not c*m, straight no matter how much talking you do to it.Threaten away! boxing nutbuster.
Ash ~ you are wrong. With respect it is the younger men who are addicted to porn who feel they can't match the actors on the porn sites and are suffering from erectile dysfunction.
A lot of men who keep fit and are happy in their own skins, take care of themselves are well able to make love as opposed to having a leg over.

I am a little curious as to why a very pretty lady would deem it prudent to have her profile pic in her undies and in the bathroom with the Loo on view and wash hand basin, is there a message I'm missing ?
Since I am constantly told I write drivel and am old on this site I am probably missing something. It is a come on blog. Sad, because there is no joy to be had from what it attracts. Now I am the baddie. Just being honest.
This makes 3 Jersey - folk bloggers by my count.

Also wanted to make redundantly clear, Jim is
Independent*, and is Unhappy with all you low
IQ trumpeters.

*Lacks the testosterone to declare for Dems.

And as eYe said over at the Ward in 2013....
...with lipstick & cleavage, I could easily dominate
Celibate Scribes....conversing ....wave
Can't speak for her translation, only mine.
Come straight, is to come direct, truthful
and since the men interchange c*m with
come you, she, they will have the task as to
which is meant.

Come straight, can also mean come clean.
Pertaining to where, who or what a man is
I rarely see the younger men's comments.
Her choice for the profile photo, same as the
young men the exposure of the waistline is
preferred.For young ladies no pants is chic.
For young men the pants are barely above the pubic bone.This site would be a quick exchange of their app so that they can see each live.IMHO.
Unless they seek men with a "Dad Bod" or a
" Sugar Daddy" or " Husbitch".
35 y.o. no kids and a professional and no
" pleasure giving" .
Back to you Henn101.
Amazing how many don't actually understand pictures
Words are the lesser here wouldn't ya agree dunno dunno

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