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The threat of an atomic war in the hands of perhaps stupid or perhaps suicidal leaders

Several leaders of the world demonstrate irrationality. These self-same leaders have so-called footballs travelling a few meters behind them carrying so-called biscuits. America and Russia incidentally have no first-strike policy.

1. America has no 'no first strike policy'
2. America has Trump as a president.
3. Therefore America is a global danger
4. Russia is a similar but much lesser threat - Putin is more predictable

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I must admit I worried about Donald Trump when he came on board as president when one of the first things he said he wanted to do was rebuild the nuclear arsenal and restore the military its post WWII status. I see he now wants to perform a nuclear test. I am guessing the announcement is yet another siss-bang-wow for his supporters that he will let slide after someone reminds him how Barry Goldwater lost the 1964 presidential election.
You guys must spend all day trying to find stuff to worry about. Keep a close watch on your blood pressure.
Soony - unlike idiots like yourself, I know US history- not the QAnon factious junk you think is cool, but real history. My advise to you is slink back to your Fox News feed and stoke up on more Fake News to share with your Trump Troll buddies..
Hey, SYK, keep in mind that when OG calls anyone an idiot, and when he boasts that he
"knows history", that he was a GOVERNMENT high school teacher in the USA. And not a century ago, before the teachers' unions, and Democrats dumbed it all down. But fairly recently.
Nuff said.
Except for comments on his girly beard.
Thanks V.......... I realize he is a just woke SJW schooled in Alinsky techniques by our marxist education system. He does take his propaganda serious and really gets upset when people see through the lies. I almost feel sorry for him. comfort
Trump is a danger to the people in the USA and outside the USA.
He is a narcissist with a lack of empathy.
Add to that, him being a racist and a demagogue and his priorities of the military & police.
It's a very dangerous combination from a man, who wouldn't last 10 seconds in a fist fight.
Vier - IT amazes how easily your ego is bruised. You and Soony act like a pair of scared school girls. Did you hate your teachers? Is that your story. Maybe you hate yourself.
Given her voting record in the Senate & her record as Secretary of State, Hillary is a Hawk.
I couldn't pull a lever for either of 'em in '16 - went 3rd Party.
My Primary concern regarding Hillary was that she'd too quickly resort to use of force.

Since '16, there've been three or so incidents I was Damned Glad she wasn't Prez - Most notably the operation aborted by The Don because it would've resulted in unacceptable collateral damage.
One can't say with certainty, but I b'lieve Hillary would've considered the damage acceptable.

I remember I was in a car with an anti war Uber-Leftie who acknowledges he has TDS when the news came over the radio.
I mentioned that about 150 people owed their lives to Hillary Not being Prez & explained my reasoning based on her actions st State.
He didn't enthusiastically Agree - but he couldn't Argue the point.

I still have issues with The Don.
But just based on his actions during that incident, it became Much easier for me to vote for him in '20.

If any of y'all have concerns 'bout who'll have access to the nuclear football, the thought of Ol' Joe is hardly comforting - More like scarier'n Hell!!
He has a forty-ish year record of Hawkishness (beyond that of Hillary) & being a friend of the "military industrial complex".

His extreme belligerence towards voters & news folks who've questioned him is alarming & raises questions regarding his temperament. That AIN'T Normal, Y'all!!!
Even the TDS afflicted Uber-Leftie has expressed concerns about Ol' Joe's aggressive behavior.
Factor in that he shows evidence of being in Dementia & it'd be Very difficult for me to give him my vote.
Damned near impossible, really.

Duckworth tapped for Veep & Ol' Joe publicly acknowledging he suffers from Dementia could Seriously help 'Crats in Nov.
I'll not say they'd Win - folks still vote for the name at the top of the ballot - but I b'lieve it'd help 'em.

Netanyahu perhaps stupid or perhaps no first strike policy. This brings us to another form of Netanyahu potential delay – trying to use changes on his legal team to buy time. A line was crossed that must not be crossed. Communist Communities around the world to 'Walk to Israel'

Ol' Joe's the architect of Prison For Profit & Mass Incarceration Of Minorities - and he remains Proud Of It. ...

Y'all self-proclaimed blog Brain Trust would do better to demonstrate it rather than crow 'bout it & then mindlessly spout canned Leftie crap like a flock of ...

Without getting specific, I'm increasingly convinced some here are Not what they claim.

Bringing the group back around the original topic -

IS the world headed into another protracted round of Cold War Mutually Assured Destruction thinking ?
Regardless of the outcome of the '20 Prez sElection, there are signs that militarization will be decreased in the future ...

Others along that line include Duckworth & Sure as Hell Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. ...

Tell It, Dr. Jo thumbs up

The Lt. Col. might be the Grande Dame of such thinking ...

I 1st heard her express such ideas during an extended program Prior(!) to the U.S. going into Iraq.
I became a fan of her then & remain so. ... thumbs up

In the vid - Note her sunglasses raccoon eyes tan cool ... Cute laugh

Note in the clips of Jo Jorgensen & Col. Kwiatkowski ...

Jo's saying much the same thing 'bout The Don NOW that Kwiatkowski was saying 'bout Barry O THEN.


That's Damned Unequivocal ... thumbs up

"The threat of an atomic war in the hands of perhaps stupid or perhaps suicidal leaders."

China acted first and know the WORLD is struggling to survive.
The Threat Of Atomic War in the hands of someone NOT Stupid or Suicidal ...

"Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov (Russian: ??????? ????????????? ???????, IPA: [v?'s?il??j ?l??k'sandr?v??t? ar'xip??f], 30 January 1926 – 19 August 1998) was a Soviet Navy officer credited with preventing a Soviet nuclear strike (and, presumably, all-out nuclear war) during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Such an attack likely would have caused a major global thermonuclear response. "
wow ... applause

Fargo The world is already in a horrific state with Covid19 and it's effect on human beings and the economy in 1st and 3rd world countries.
However, it is a worry of mine. I lived through the Bay of Pigs with JFK and I can remember us all praying at school with our teacher that the war would not go ahead. I remember the cold war and it was not a nice time. It would take a lunatic to push the button as we're all gone. However, think , Hitler, North Korea and you are speaking about rampant narcissism and insanity .
What if there had been Nuclear weaponry then ?
P.S. Why did C.S. delete one of the leaders I mentioned Stalin ?
Interesting and annoying.
The world will most likely die in a war from chemical warfare.
Jimnastics ~ Trump may not be able for a fist fight but I would not like that huge man to fall on top of me. laugh
FF, what does this mean? I tried all my resource books and I can't find it anywhere.

These self-same leaders have so-called footballs travelling a few meters behind them carrying so-called biscuits

I got it from above; Several leaders of the world demonstrate irrationality. These self-same leaders have so-called footballs travelling a few meters behind them carrying so-called biscuits. America and Russia incidentally W..
@WL the football and the biscuit seem to be 'metaphors', euphemisms for computers which can enable and activate the nuclear strikes. This came from a Radio National program, probably with Geraldine Doogue - estimable journalist that she is. Attendants walk behind D T carrying the biscuit and the football to permit him to unleash the atomic war.
@gg I too remember those tense days, the SMH publishing maps showing the fleets approaching Cuba. Incredibly, 60 years later, the idiocy of American foreign policy re-enforces the Cuban sanctions. Yet they have engaged with Vietnam... go figure!
So was the embarrassment of Bay of Pigs greater than the defeat of the Mighty USA in Vietnam?
BOTH were poorly thought through misadventures.

Neither was winnable because that would've required a level of commitment that could escalate to a wider confrontation with the USSR/China.

The U.S. was unwilling to risk such confrontations; that lesson Should've been learned after Korea.

The U.S. won in Vietnam but was defeated by 'Crats ...

... So that story goes.
See Comments on the presentation ... hmmm

Russia has stated it has first strike policy activated, stated two months ago, i recall posting Putins statement on CS.
anyway quite disturbing news came out of Syria published on RT news:
Syrian air defenses have engaged incoming “hostile targets” in the capital city of Damascus, state media reported. Footage circulating online shows explosions in the skies above the city.

Damascus came under an apparent missile strike late on Monday. Sirens were heard across the city, while air defense systems intercepted incoming projectiles.

The missiles flew from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights region, Syrian state media reported, pinning the blame for the attack on Tel Aviv.
FF, so if someone lets the metaphorical air out of DT's football or if some one eats his biscuits, i assume cookie codes, then even someone as "rational" as win at any cost no matter what the cost, might have trouble making the sill contraption work?

Would he get 3 attempts like at an ATM? It probably doesn't matter anyway. Not if the biscuits go soggy. W.
robplum•Jul 20•Ensay, Victoria Australia

Does that all mean things are getting back to normal?

In the military,

post Covid? Or is Covid the cover?

Better still, don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise. W.
Putin is winning the war, he is causing division in U.S. and hatred like never before. He is taking out people in UK and has spies and cells in every country.
He is hell bent on turning the world in to a communist state, where immigration will be a no no. He already has friends in some European countries. Austria, and of course le pen adored him.

Marxism is not dead. Putin is clever and cute. He has Gas and other things badly needed by the West. He is ruling with an iron fist.
Chemical warfare has far surpassed a nuclear explosion and is neater and leaves buildings intact. Look at virus s and people who are killed using perfume bottles full of horrific toxins ?
No, there will be no strike. I have seen Trump become exhausted looking and he is not for dialogue, he has to be right and it is about power. He is already in Russia's pocket on many fronts.
Fargo ~ I started watching and taking an interest in US politics after the Bay of Pigs, reading about the Kennedys, and I remember the Vietnam war all too well. Most of the 'Historians' on CS have accused me of being ignorant of the facts or writing drivel.
I have bad arthritis in hands, plus blogs have to be relatively short which I find difficult. I do think many are deceived by Fake news on various utubes and TV Stations [which I have access to as well ].
I am far from infallible, I like if somebody corrects me but by printing factual evidence. I was only a young child during Bay of Pigs and for me It was terrifying.
@gg I remember at highschool seeing the front page diagrams with dots and arrows showing the approaching russian ships...

The anti-bomb CND marches

The anti-Vietnam marches

The sinking of the Rainbow-Warrior

The woman in the the street spitting in my face because I was a man the day bombs started falling on Baghdad

a heavy finger in the South China Sea can quickly put us back there. North Korea sank a Japanese vessel by torpedo, imagine if USA or China were to do likewise to each other.

How to get sanity back into the dialogue?
Fargo ~ I remember most of what you mentioned but had forgotten some. Rainbow Warriors I had forgotten those ! I remember during the troubles in Ireland when IRA were giving UK a hard time and i was travelling to UK [where I was born] and this ignorant Customs man who obviously had read his carefully revised version of Irish/UK history, cleverly leaving out the famine, UK occupancy, taking our language and traditions and land... anyway, he took my case and turned it upside down and took my underwear and lifted it up slowly with contempt. I was only about 19 or 20 and because I wore skimpy stuff at that age I was beyond mortified, just another memory your reply invoked.
The murder of Mountbatten, two Kennedy and M.L.King assassinations, John Lennon
Fargo ~ That song San Francisco. All those hippies who wanted to make love not war ? not historically relevant but shows the feelings against Vietnam at the time.
Idi Amin ? [forgotten how to spell it ] he was a cannibal remember ? my best friends father was a captain in Irish Army and they went out in 60s to fight the Balubas ? [spelling again ] and were stupidly made wear woolen clothes.
I remember Apartheid and my friend going to S.Africa to work and getting in to trouble for having been to friendly with a mixed race girl.
In some ways we have come a long way. In other ways we are back to cold war.
just my opinion.
Sorry you had your face spat on. That is disgusting. Ignorant.
Take care and thanks for the all those memories. I just thought of something that is not politically relevant but the night Marilyn Monroe came out and sang 'happy Birthday Mr. President ' to JFK, her cards were marked from that moment on.
We have lived through weird and wonderful times.
Indeed - the exit of Richard Nixon, the dismissal of Gough Whitlam.
The massacre in Port Arthur, and last year in Christchurch, where I used to live, and the earthquakes there. The tsunami of 2004, later fukushima
This year the fires in Australia and now this.

Spitting in the face was a strange violence but I understood it in a way.

I was talking with a Spanish student about Germaine Greer earlier, from Sydney about 1964.
Fargo ~ Ah, President Nixen and he was a great one for using the word 'fornicator' The famous eyes on the camera from Clinton 'I swear by almighty God I did not have sex with that woman ' Yes, Tsunami, the awful fires in Australia, it was like the end of the world and the animals clinging to humans. The strong spirit of Australians.
Nelson Mandela getting freed from prison. A pope dying under suspicions in the Vatican. First men on the moon.
That great song 'we didn't start the fire ' names a lot of people.

Germaine Greer was my hero for a while, then Marilyn French The womens room, and then I saw and that most feminism was middle class and tried to make women who wanted to live married home minding their kids were frowned upon. I also experienced sisterhood via downright careerist feminists. Homosexuality being decriminalised in my country, a Gay head of Govt. etc., etc.,
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