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What an excellent speech from a real president - It still holds true today

Back in September of 2018, this speech was given at the University of Illinois;

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These cats are so deep in the pocket that it would take mining equipment to get them out of this groove..

I remember Oboma saying in 2016, no one with a reasonable mind would think.
he had spies on the Trump campaign, there is lots of minds know now that he did.
Since Trump is a known criminal, the FBI under several administrations monitored Trump's activities.
It has nothing to do with Obama. It had to do with Trump's criminal activity and the FBI.

Regardless, that has NOTHING to do with this speech. Stay on topic.
When one is educated, they talk eloquently.

Trump should try it (first he needs to be educated).

Let's hear it.....his professors will say " one has been so educated." rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Regarding Trump, I'll say, that no one has been more full of crap. thumbs down
Jim, I remember that speech and said not once did he look at notes or read from a teleprompter.
Jim ~ All his speeches showed that he kept close to his audience and did not get lost in his own ego and power.
He was gentle and firm, articulate, knew when to pause and take his audience in to sense the mood... smiled a lot , had open body language and you felt you knew him. Education, intelligence and finesse.
He was never crude or angry or out of control and is mentally healthy which is needed for a president . We have a saying here for people who get in to power and try to be eloquent and fail ~ you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
I finished reading Mary Trumps book...A fantastic read thumbs up

Donald Trump's father Fred is the reason why Donald Trump is the way he is..
I read the book as well, there is a counter book on the genius of Trump. I was in the bookshop and had lots of shopping bags so will go back and get the Title and author.
This woman has integrity and is not lying. I think psychotherapist or not, she has a fantastic grasp on what ruins a child and how a narcissistic and cruel father can turn innocent children in to broken and dangerous people.
Hitler's father was one such man, he hated Adolf. Thought him not manly. He would come home after work and if angry would beat the German shepherds until they pee d with fear and pain.
Yep I agree thumbs up

I will have a look around for that book as well
c - There's obviously nothing wrong with Obama's cognitive function.
I didn't even notice a list of keywords. When I used to speak at seminars, I used to rely on a list of topic keywords to ensure, that I covered all topics that I wanted. Plus, slides used to also jog memory of
when to cover a topic. I never read off a teleprompter.

Trump has trouble making complete sentences. laugh

g - I agree with you. Both Bill Clinton and Obama are both well educated and very good speakers.
I enjoyed listening to both.

We have that same saying here. But, in Trump case, it's more a pig's butt. laugh

m - Thanks for relating your impression of Ms. Trump's book. While I'm sure Trump's father was
contributory to how he turned out, I don't fully blame it on him. How a person behaves is ultimately owned by the individual, when they become an adult. While we all were influenced by our parents,
we are unique and make our own choices.
One can allow parents to steer one's life, one can rebel, or one can use it as a jumping point and grow.
I'm sure that I am not the same as my parents, nor are most people. Trump needs to stop blaming others and own, that he is responsible for his actions.
It would seem the ability to communicate would be prerequisite for selecting a leader, any leader, but definitely the leader of a nation. And yet here we are with Donald sitting the Oval Office - a man who speaks in discordant phrases. I agree, Obama is/was a brilliant communicator. Thanks for sharing.
Yeah OG, ability to communicate well, would be prerequisite even for a senator, representative, governor, mayor, or diplomat. But, Trump obviously wasn't elected because he's appropriate, experienced, nor deserving of the position. Regardless, it's just one of the many reasons, he should not be re-elected.

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