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Change of plan!

Yesterday, I told you about meeting up with K and playing some X Wing. Unfortunately, that will no longer go through. Mainly because I just want to stay home and go to bed early, but also because I can't afford to go. Not until August 1st, which is a few days away. I told K this, and while she was extremely disappointed, she ultimately agreed, that it would be wisest to wait until we both could afford it. So now I have the evening open to do whatever I want to. There are still a few hours to kill before the livestream, so I am thinking I am gonna watch a movie or play a video game. Or look for a job. I think the job hunting is the most important one.

I hate letting people down, even if it's for a small reason. I always, always, always keep my appointments, unless something has come across, that I cannot change. Like the lack of money, for example. Speaking of money.. I placed a pre-order on Cyberpunk 2077, but it has been postponed so many times, that I have requested a refund. Rather refund the pre-order, than letting it sit. I got the email today saying it's been refunded, which is great news. The money will be released within the next 5 days, but hopefully they will come before the 5th day.

Today was good, despite the cancellation of the game event. I found a car key, but to what car? The key had a Hyundai logo on it, but there are lots of Hyundais driving around. I couldn't see any car near the key, so it might have been dropped on purpose or something. We will never know!

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