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Goodbye To Tourists (Brits & all Others)

I thought I´d shed a little light on the situation, here, in Spain, as of today.

These are my observations based on reported facts, and not a copy-paste, and I have tried to keep it as short as possible but, the facts are a moving target.

As many know, Spain depends largely on tourism, with over 82 million visitors last year – mostly from GB, followed by Germany and France.

Although the “virus” was already apparent in China since last Dec 2019, Spain didn´t take action until 14th March this year, imposing a complete lockdown on the country, with a total of over 260,000 cases of infection. The state of alarm was extended by two week periods and Spain became the most infected country in Europe.

The question to be asked: Why didn´t Spain shut down earlier?
Failure to understand the situation? Or, fear of economic collapse?

The lockdown was finally lifted on 21st June, following a four-phase de-escalation plan from the strictest regulations in Europe. At that point, the number of deaths and the infection rate was steadily decreasing. Things were looking up.

During that three month-lockdown, the wearing of MASKS wasn´t compulsory. Probably due to their unavailability!
The new “normality” started on 21st June, after the “state of emergency” ended, and citizens were able to move freely across and between all regions of Spain - except Madrid who had to stay in phase 2 as being the region being hit the worst by the “coronavirus”-

At this time, MASKS became mandatory in all public places, as well as the two-meter distancing.

Then, on 29th June, Europe reopened all borders and then.... oh la la.. party time! – the Spanish got back to their fiesta routine, and the foreign visitors were once again welcome with open arms to join the party. applause party dance danceline

In conclusion, Spain was the harshest country in Europe regarding rules and restrictions which, by and large, were respected, until the party started.
The Spanish have done their best to create an illusion of “security”. They take your temperature at the airport etc. but, the mere fact that some are tested positive on arrival, highlights the fragility of the system.
How did they get on the plane in the first place and have now, obviously, infected many more???
And, of course, flying is not the only way to get to Spain! Many foreign plated cars from all over Europe are to be seen driving around. Have they been tested??? confused

Here, in Spain, on the evening news, a map of Spain is regularly shown with red patches showing the outbreak areas. These red patches are getting bigger and more numerous and some regions have gone back to lockdown again!

I myself have personal experience with this. Friends who live only 30 kms away can no longer leave their area to go to the beach, or visit me, and it is now spreading to my area.
How long before shutdown? And how long for, remains to be seen?? hmmm hole

Against this background, I see on the news that Britain has imposed a 14-day quarantine on anybody returning from Spain, and other countries are about to follow this example.
Spain has taken this as a personal slight, and now threatening to impose a quarantine on Brits coming, still insisting that Spain is “safe”, despite being contradicted by their own figures which show a steep rise in infections.

Health officials of both Spain and the EU regard restrictions on travel to Spain a good thing and their advice is not to come! scold

Of course, the politicians are furious about the loss of tourists' income, although they have just received 140 billion Euros from the EU to compensate for the loss (the highest compensation paid!).

I suggest that any tourist contemplating visiting Spain in the near future should be forced to produce a certificate of sanity. cartwheel batting

Apart from that, the sun is shining, the sea is blue, it is very hot and humid. dancing cool

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Embedded image from another site

This is the latest map. As can be seen, all along the coast is affected.
"not a copy-paste, and I have tried to keep it as short as possible but, the facts are a moving target."
I would appreciate those who want to refute any information to be more tolerant of what is shared, and the attempt to get the most current status IS everchanging.

Economically Covid has drastically changed the world and freedoms as we once practiced them.

The final decision rests with the airlines as catastrophes and regulations at departure and destiny are the new " borders". Here within the proximity of one state bordering another on four sides possibly, there are ramifications for travel that vary whether train, plane or automobile.
Each is hampered.

The sentiment within the individual state flucuates on 2 basis: protesters in masse or rural.Each is rather schizophrenic. There are persons that take measures into their own hands ( as rights) and others feel infringed upon.I will spare you the details that are sordid and divisive to even write about.

All in all your details that are the most important to me are that we can expect you are well and adjusted.
Better than most, as your own coping mechanisms are those of a " well-adjusted" person in any situation.
So glad that you have shared your own experience and that you are not entirely isolated.
Buenos tardes AI_1984

This virus is going nowhere at the moment and until such times as countries have it under control people really should stay put.

I'm glad that I now live in the UK as I wouldn't have been able to cope in Spain as a senior citizen and deal with the strict regulations that were finally put in place. Over here I can self isolate ,do most things on line and get groceries etc delivered. I do have a dog to care for but I manage with vets etc again getting meds delivered if necessary.

I still have friends working in Gib who have to travel daily ,and I don't envy them.

Spain opened up too early in my opinion and yes it's all about economics. They had one of the strictest regimes in place to deal with it, but it had not been eradicated when they reopened beaches etc.

Stay safe especially with your personal condition.hug
Our borders were closed right after they held the grand carnival , which I never attend .

We are now having people diagnosed with this virus and they have not traveled outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

I told my children to try and protect themselves as best as they could at all times and practice social distancing at all times .

Its groovy shopping , pharmacy and back home and thank God I get all my market stuff at the said grocery.

This virus is very serious and it's not going anywhere anytime soon .

I want to believe it's airborne and it is easily transmitted .

I don't believe it have anything to do with travel alone .

My take I try not to dwell on it to much , just try to do the right thing .
Thanks for your comment Ash. wave

As far as being "isolated" is concerned, well..
I started enjoying having my friend the musician coming again but, his village was put on lockdown again last thursday.
Which means that my piano lessons are being suspended again! sigh

As for another friend from Murcia, whom I haven't seen for over 6 months, he will be on lockdown again soon.

Those are the only 2 friends I miss.

But I do enjoy the peace and quiet without the tourists.
Hi GS..yes, I agree. Not only they closed down too late but also opened up too soon!

Our MP Sanchez said on TV that it was "disgusting that the Brits would impose quarantine"!!! Just as he thought he had it all under control!

As a retaliation, they also want to quarantine all the Brits coming here! doh

But I can see that France will be closing its borders again and many will be stuck here as they were last March.

I do my shopping personally in supermarkets but it starts killing me with the heat in the 40s.
I end up staying at home as much as I can apart from the dog walking.

Beaches are the moment. But they won't be for long!

Anyway, I'm keeping safe and my strong immune system is here to protect me.thumbs up
Hi Ann..glad to see you're keeping safe.thumbs up

As you say...trying not to dwell on it too much is the answer.
Do not buy into Fear!
Do not make yourself vulnerable!bouquet

Only fair to say that at the time Spain shut down it in fact had 2277 cases of infection, pretty much localised to one part of a very large country.

I'd also say it is not only the politicians who are furious about the loss of income but the several million people living in the almost untouched, almost completely uninfected, coastal areas who have lost some, most, or all of their income. Eating and paying rent and stuff doesn't just happen by itself for all people. Spain is not being generous with financial help for the affected. It is only possible to claim if you have lost ALL income. Too bad for those on a third or a quarter of what they had before.

I doubt there will be another shutdown, since then Spain does have to help those millions it is ordering to stop working / earning. More likely more and more restrictions. That way, "no law stopping you working, get out there and look for work ya lazy bum."

I'm thrilled for you that you are enjoying the peace and quiet and hope the frantic despair of those going into insolvency won't trouble you too much. I'll spread the word to keep the sound down, that those on fixed incomes are trying to sleep. wink

Did you have to suggest a certificate of sanity for anyone visiting? That's one restriction the powers that be hadn't dreamed up yet. laugh
Good for you. applause laugh

Sorry to hear about your music lessons being postponed. It shouldn't take too long to get things back under control, maybe 1 month, the learning curve will have helped. Your dog can vet any callers thumbs up
Ok my comment was a bit snide and I wasn't really having a go at you. Times, for some, are hard.

Awful lot of very smug people twitching their net curtains, though, and saying look at those horrible greedy people who want to earn money, how crass.

You cannot believe how rarely it is those with fading income and ravaged savings who are tutting and wagging fingers.

Empathy was amazing in its day but long extinct now.
Thanks, China! Nuff said.
Viv, I do sympathize a lot for those who have lost their jobs.
Some I know personally: teachers, in particular, and others who didn't get any money at all and still have bills to pay and also mortgages.

As for my music friend, he had to close his school and go back to live with his mother.

And many more who had to close their businesses.

As regards our "president" I'm having doubts to how much he cares about the people in the streets as long as he's sitting comfortably in his Palace.

As you know, Spain is a very corrupted country and maybe he had special plans for his billions? wink
Viv, by Peace and Quiet I mean with the noisy neighbours renting next door who are partying all night.

And also all the teenagers going to discos till late and partying in the streets (with no distancing nor masks!!)

The beaches are no worry for me as I avoid them in the summer anyway.

As for the certificates of "insanity ", well..I see it as a joke. Who wants to have holidays in a place with so many restrictions, having to reserve a place on the beach etc etc ???

I've had an Irish friend who wanted to come and have a look at properties!!! doh
He wasn't even aware that we had to wear masks all day in public places!

I told him he was one of these idiots who might be stuck here because of another lockdown.
He said he didn't know about that? grin
Hiya DD
"It won't take too long to get things back under control again" ???
Who says?
That's not the way I see it, I'm afraid.grin

All my area is about to close down any day now.

As for my dog sniffing the visitors...I suppose I'll be able to train him during that time? dunno laugh
And Viv, another one I'm feeling sorry for is the lady at the horse centre.
No pupils, no money to feed the horses!

I'm trying to help those people in my own way.

I've given some gardening work to some unemployed people.
Also some cleaning work and other odd jobs.
I've also used some dog walkers, car drivers etc..
What's your problem Vier?

Are you putting the blame on China?

I happen to miss my chinese friends too.
I envy your sunshine it's chilly here in the uk, good blogwave
Hi again Tom wave

I wish I could send you some of this sunshine.
The heat is killing me and temperatures are still rising above 40c doh

I hope you found this info useful?

I will be updating it as I go along as things are changing every day!

I know people who have contacted me before coming and I did open their eyes and saved them some money...and hassle!
At least there are flights to and from spain/uk, I would be happy to spend a month in a hotel under full quarantine if i was allowed to enter The Philippines, and then go home.
I heard that Ryanair were going to cancel their flights to Spain??? grin

As for spending a month in quarantine in a hotel in the Philippines ..well, Ritz, it depends who you're sharing your room with?

Or..are you supposed to keep the distance with your sweetheart?
As it's now summer here. Where I live, we now have many Spanish people from Madrid and Barcelona coming down to their 2nd homes as it's much cooler here in Torrevieja than Madrid. As far as I'm aware, Spain went on lock down sooner than the Uk and America. The Uk and America have never been on the same strict lock down like Spain suffered from. My friends family from Wales and England have now had to cancel their holidays in August and they were booked in February. I personally think that the borders and travelling within Regions in Spain should have stayed closed.

I went past one of our large beaches today, they have all the "squares" marked out re social distancing and they have people patrolling the beaches. That's where I live..............

From what I've read. The Uk are still having more daily deaths than Spain but our infection cases have risen tremendously. I've seen this story on The Guardian but can't seem to find it at the moment

Glad your keeping safe, here we were classed as one of the safest places in France, now we have tourist season, the first week it appeared only the locals were wearing a mask in the supermarket, second week they'd got the hint. Now we are one of the worst infected areas in France I don't think I need to say more.doh
My friends are due to fly out from Manchester to Alicante on 8th August as they have their own place and are retired so they've been staying safe in the Uk. They haven't heard anything re Ryannair cancelling flights "as yet" ......

Hello cella..

I agree with you, borders should have remained shut until safer times.

We also have people from Madrid..and Murcia..who have a second residence here where I live...and French and Germans too.

The point is that MASS TOURISM in the middle of a pandemic is not a very good choice.

At least your friends and family made the right decision to cancel their holidays.thumbs up

I see things getting worse before getting any better.grin
@ Emmy. The same thing happened in Mallorca (Majorca) The Brits came over, having their parties etc..No masks, no social distancing so they had to close the bars down again........crying
Cella...regarding the beaches being marked and having to reserve a place by Torrevieja and Benidorm (and others in Andalucia) is completely ridiculous!! laugh

This is certainly not attractive to tourists it?
It is SAFE here in Spain! applause
Estas loca, chiquita?
Salut Emmy...ça va bien?

I didn't realise that Britanny was as bad as that. grin

Apparently, Macron has been advising people not to come to Spain.
So now, they go to France instead?
Cella...the first wave going to Mallorca were the Germans.
Then...the troubles started and the first outbreaks.doh
Vier..loca? Porque?

Estoy bien de salud.cheering

I totally agree with you. I for one don't want us to go back down to that strict lock down again. I won't get on a bus, I cancelled my hospital appointment (check up) as I can't bring my self to go in there. My friends bring me bits of shopping as I only go with my friend once every 2 weeks to shop and the farmacia for my prescriptions. I enjoy my afternoons out, sitting with a couple of friends and it's only a short walk from where we live.

Luckily, I've still been getting views on my apt, but don't know for how long now. I sanitise all my door handles before I go before the Agent brings them round. All windows and balconies are open to let in air. Let's just hope that we may start showing a decline come September and everyone is back home to their own regions.......

To be honest with you. I was quite shocked at the 2 big beaches here. Not have half as packed as they usually are for this time of year. Then the Spanish go home for their siesta's till around 5pm. The beaches didn't look bad at all to me and well spaced out. I wouldn't know re Benidorm as I haven't been there for a long time.

From the video I saw re Mallorca, it was the Brits that were jumping on top of cars. It just focused on them to be honest.. Maybe people from other countries were involved as well..........
Taking our case. We were shut down for 3 months from end March.

During April masks weren't being worn and social distances were not observed.
Medical staff and patients were being moved around and no precautions were taken in Retirement Homes.
Medical staff didn't have enough PPE and weren't wearing it all the time, and were not using it as recommended. All this and more led to a continuing rise in infections. But by the end April things had improved significantly.

In May lessons were learnt and all the above improved by probably 50%. At the end of May we were close to 'flattening' the curve.

In June we had good systems firmly in place including isolation and good traceability, and very few new cases as a result. Phases 1 and 2 were in effect and didn't cause new cases. The only real problem was young people not observing protocol, not being policed, and having parties of up to 50 people in a house..

In July most restrictions were removed, except for pubs and places where distancing wasn't possible.
We were down to a handful of cases each day, but there is a blip now which may be due to younger people gathering in large crowds. The rise in cases shows an average age of 35. So new lessons have now been learned.
Of course Schools are still closed. But worryingly travellers are allowed in from countries with a high level of cases. This is probably going to cause problems for us.

So in summary I would say that if the situation got worse here and we had to shut down. With all the lessons learned and with full compliance with regard to distancing, isolation etc. I would say that we should have reached our new peak by the end of 1 month, meaning that we could re-open after that.

During the first 2 weeks there would be a rise, but with contact tracing and isolation, by the end of the month there should be few new cases.

I hope this explains my opinion for saying 1 month to you earlier. It may be optimistic knowing most people, but make what you want of it. We either behave or suffer the consequences.
I theory it should work practise, it's a different question? uh oh

Here too, young people are mainly the cause with all their partying and celebrations.
Rules don't apply to them!

Anyway...although we all have the same problem, each country handles it in a different manner.
People behave differently.
Our tourists started with the Germans, Dutch and belge, getting ready for the English now. It's morbihan that might have to close although I heard one in my village and nine in the next village and we'd kept clear until holiday season started.
Oh well..
Next thing I know is that France will be closing its borders with Spain.
Porque, cholota, esta muy clara, la evidencia cientifica. Aqui nos gustan esas evidencias, Verdad? Que typas estas usando?
What type of what? confused
Hello Dani, I like your last sentence best and I take it the sky is blue too?laugh

I done some comparisons between SA and Spain.

Total population Spain is 47,421 million (est) 2020. Total deaths 28,441 latest on worldometer.
Total population of SA 67,584 million (est} 2020. Total deaths 7, 208 latest.

Spain is definitely not doing something right here.....dunno

Good to see you Dani.bouquet
Hey, good to see you too Luke wave

Nice to see you've done some research because I can't really be bothered.

I'm glad you found my last sentence attractive.
I had to put some positive, didn't I?wink

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