Anyone else win a million dollars today?

Dear User,

This is a winning notification from the desk of Global Online Lottery. If you receive a copy of this message from any of our online agents, we wish to congratulate you on your winnings .

Your profile account has won you the sum of One Million United States Dollars ($1,000,000.00 USD) with the Winning Reference Number ‘LRC25011102020’.

Global Online Lottery is a TOTALLY FREE online lottery awarded to millions of ACTIVE accounts across the globe in collaboration with the World Bank Group.
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I bought a crossword scratchie today & I won $50 joy
@merc I'd prefer your 50 bucks to MY $1m any time!!! rolling on the floor laughing
Cheeky thumbs up laugh
Hold on,that's my Million!
Was offered it yesterday,and I aim to get it!laugh
@Conrad you've as much chance as me - do you also call it 'buckley's'?
Typically vapid ESL level attempt at humour and ingratiation. Almost as ludicrous and pathetic as bragging about "how cute is what my international students said today on line". How's it hanging, FF? Vierk gnome.
Heck,the Mods deleted the Mail!laugh
How's it hanging? You cretinous boring thing.

It hangs, given the wonder of gravity and the deep insight of the likes of Newton Leibnitz Einstein - weren't two of these involved in taxation in some way?
Not me
What is not true?
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