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Hurry and Watch!!! These Doctors Are Not Backing Down

[ video removed by YouTube ]

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China Doctor used secret cure ingredients into fighting covid, He said blessed to be alive.
I've mentioned before the use of Nitric Oxide, here is an excellent article where they compare an influenza lung to a covid lung...

“Basically, this study shows that the coronavirus causes destruction of the capacity of blood vessels in the lungs to produce nitric oxide (NO). The virus destroys the vascular endothelial cells (the name for the cells that line blood vessels), which are the cells that produce NO. When NO is deficient, the result is increased blood clotting or thrombosis. The study reveals that the lungs from patients who died from COVID-19 are characterized by tiny blood clots in the lungs, which led to tissue inflammation, destruction, and pneumonia,” says Ignarro.

"What we can see in these images are compatible with what we observe during liver dysfunction in a patient. In reality, the skin isn’t turning black but dark yellow. This is what we call jaundice. It also affects the conjonctive [a membrane in the eye].

The change in colour is a result of the liver being unable to process waste. Often this can be caused by contracting a viral disease, so in this case it could have been caused by Covid-19. It often happens with viral hepatitis, and can be caused by drug poisoning too. However, neither I nor my colleagues have ever seen this happen to that extent.

Chinese medical teams also attributed the phenomenon to liver dysfunction.
Embedded image from another site
Chinese medical teams also attributed the phenomenon to liver dysfunction.


Just because they aren't white anymore that has to be caused by a bad thing?
Wu-Chile things are gonna' get easier.peace
Oh no wait! That was China. They are only communists not Democrats! What was I thinking. That wouldn't happen there. It would only happen here if Democrats were in charge. My bad.
Dong have you started learning how to multiply small numbers yet ?rolling on the floor laughing
Dongg ~ Racist laugh
seems like you tube does not want you to hear the truth. bye you tube.
I lifted this from Dragon's comment on LC's Demon Sperm blog ...

It Strongly supports what the docs in the OP vid are saying! thumbs up

String,interesting Article!thumbs up

Drug that increases NO in Cardiac-Patients!
This Is Sad & Unfortunate!!! U.S Doctor Sacked For Appearing On Video With Dr Stella Immanuel
You Can’t Get Any Closer To The Dragon Before You’re In His Mouth
You're being manipulated and don't even know it

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