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What’s yours?

How many times have you been digitally rejected while on CS? My magic number is 7,280 times. Didn’t even say hi, just a quick read and a move or is it swipe now? Along. I would love to know what line they get to before they decide no, not my type? I say it varies for some. Probably for most. Who can say?

Just kidding; rhetorical. I read through it again, some time ago, my profile, and I must have written that on one of my more alert days, lucid dreams, lucid moments’ days. I like to think it shy’s off any unwanted attention. Isn’t that how the Ladies do it? Any way I stand by my “swipes”.

I found my magic number next to ‘number of views’. What’s yours?

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So how many have you actually proposed tolaugh
Do.... you.... have.... trouble.... reading?

I told you, 7,280 times. What's your number? More or less. "Viewed"?
And you've got to remember that these are 'supposedly' females who have seen something in your photo or seen something in your personality while looking at the cartoon image where your photo would normally sit.

Then they read what you write and say, no fukcing way would I fukc that with your pu**y. Swipe. Left or right for Loser?

I must have pushed one or two buttons, I'm up another 6 views, rejections lol. W.
I have been viewed 31,120 times like 410 times

Oh , well that's what I am seeing , don't know if it correct , or the phone or computer have a glitch, lol .

Sometimes when they send me a message they want my number , or they want to know if I am on any site so they could see what I look like , as though I am up for bids or sale .

That's a quick turn off for me .

Let chat for a while on here and we will see how things progress , another thing the like button.

I don't understand it .
How could you be liked 31,120 times and not one serious person? I don't respond to likes , maybe it's my fault why I am still here , but it's not the end of the road yet for me , until 60 maybe .
Dude dunno confused
An your writting bout 7000 plus pconfused
I'd get the frig outta here if I was you an actually never come back.........
CS is a nasty place Now days.
I've gotten out an been watchin from the outside.
Just come back to say this place saps love from any whom venture.
An many have private mssged to say they feel the same confused
Even the older members have said.
Stay if you wish......
I'd get out while you can
daears•15 hrs ago•Gr, West Coast New Zealand

Do... you... have... trouble... understanding?

I do not care what you are here to warn the world about, how many times have you been viewed because that is how many passive aggressive rejections you have had. The emails are not rejection numbers, views and "loser swipes" is. W.
Annleerose, my profile has been liked 252 times. Not that the ratio means anything. I would hazard a guess and say it may be as many as 2 to one more men online on this site or most any chat room site at any given time throughout the day.

I take heart in knowing that half of those men are gay, which kind of makes it one to one for those of us who consider the having of opposing plumbing is a good thing. :) W.
Hi wrinkly. I delete views as I was fed up removing them
99.09 of the men who "would love to get to know me more better" rolling on the floor laughing Never read my profile. handshake
Wished that we could delete " Like" a real pain as no one says much more than "Hi "frustrated frustrated frustrated
Hi Jenny, I delete my views every so often; but I keep them mainly to see who is auto deleted and who remains a profile. That tells you if they are coming and going. Their profiles tell you if they join in on any of the conversations.
I mean the counters next to your profile picture on your profile page. I think there is three, Viewed XXX,XXX Times.
That's how many times you have been viewed. A different counter tells you how many times you've been liked and favorite (d). I have 4 under favorited.
So Jenny, we will be requiring those numbers. W.
Wished that we could delete " Like"

So do I. They are all scams, I'm sure. Every serious person with a brain knows you have to indicate you have read the profile, because that is the only information you have.
It is about visual appeal.
Similar to rating looks He or She is a "10".
CS used to have a function similar to other dating sites, that they removed.
If you liked another account, the profile photo was part of your information.
It was a function that most women would look at as an indication of the young preference.When you went to the young women's accounts of the men they liked
rarely did they have the man, mostly liked were their
own age.
Although it may seem a stereotype, the exception were young foreign women seeking to relocation and marriage, with or without children.
Times are changing and more older men do not entertain that arrangement as it is an expensive and lengthy process that Covid has complicated further.
Daears ~ you are always giving out about CS and how your life is perfect with wild life coming in the open back door and going out the front door so what are you doing on here, in between X Hamster ?
This is a bit of harmless fun and it is getting away from Trump and Covid
so have a nice day. I presume I won't be seeing you anymore since CS is so awful.
Wrinkly I just checked. Numeracy is not my thing. I've been viewed 67,923 [that's profile ] and liked 780 times. I can't find anything else I don't think this can be right.
I've had lots of scammers
Ashlander ~ I deleted likes and people who liked my profile. I can remember that. I had forgotten, it was very sexist and not fair to plain looking men and women. Since many profiles are professionally taken by a friend and photo shopped and many still lie about their age... it was sexist and not fair. Of course i would say that I'm a hot 69 laugh
Unfortunately if one liked the person of either gender, as " a friend" it could confuse a man who has interest about an intimate relation and when it involved liking other women,as friends, some were rude enough to decline a friend request because they did not get along with the others they saw that were previously friended.( this was stated as such on more than one occassion and not presumed.)
ash ~ they also had a list of the most admired women. As in physical attributes, I think C.S.hav moved with the times. I made friends with quite a few men on here and it is nice, as well as women who have now left the site some years ago to get married.
Is there a price involved other wise I ain't playing
Okay viewed 9.361, liked 541
Now what did I win? cheering
The ones that rejected you are all scammers.

Don't worry about it. Keep on tracking. banana
I have a gripe.

This Blog has a price attached. Join in and show us them numbers. Jenny did. Gg did.

Pony up LaFonda and Ash; we the people of blog 'show us them numbers' require them numbers.
Gg, did you just say you are a hot 69? I bet you are girl. W.
kornbluth•20 hrs ago•Lexington, Kentucky USA
Wished that we could delete " Like"

So do I. They are all scams, I'm sure. Every serious person with a brain knows you have to indicate you have read the profile, because that is the only information you have.

I agree about the "like" button. Scammers use it as bait with whoever responding to the "like". I reverse search the photo, or photos loaded onto that profile, and if it come up, gives me a name, I respond with Hi "that name" and ask them what they've been doing the past few weeks.

The worst part is it doesn't react to blocking regions who can contact you. The emails eventually stop but the likes from 16,000kms away keep coming. For me it is not so many that I cannot test the water with a quick hi and what do you want before deleting them.

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