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Hate speech is anything that offends a Democrat.

Misinformation is anything that Democrats don't agree with.

There's one thing that all totalitarian regimes have in common. Their first act when attempting to seize power is to disarm the people so they can't defend themselves, followed by demonizing free speech, forbidding disagreement and punishing anyone who deviates from there dictated party line, banning any religious practices which might compete with a subject's allegiance to the party and then finally eliminating legitimate law enforcement and replacing it with a repressive authoritarian party controlled goon-squad.

Have you noticed that these things seem to be at the center of almost everything on the Democrat's agenda at least over the last 30 years? Have you noticed that their violent goon-squads are now in the streets from coast to coast trying to destroy legitimate law enforcement and their propaganda outlets on television, radio and the internet are tripling down on that effort falsely portraying the violence, rioting, looting and anarchy "peaceful demonstrations?"

The Democrats are after your guns, they're after your religion, they're after your free speech, they're after your money, they're after your Constitution, they're after your way of life, they're after your country, they're after your freedom.

And they will stop at nothing, not even mass murder to get their way.

Don't let them have it. Vote them out before it's too late.

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Just look at the hate speech by the bloggers here.

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When the Democrats ban "misinformation," and then tacitly define it as anything they disagree with, they are creating a totalitarian country that only tolerates their single point of view.

That is about as unAmerican as it gets.
A hybrid murdering midget
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has been spoted in Washington. Now Trump has less than two months to find and destroy the third wave before flu season.Can’t fix stupid. He's gonna be a wackadoodle to the very end. When Dr. Fauci speaks - my ears automatically slam shut.
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