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Mystery seeds...

People all around the United States have received mailer packs from China containing seeds. These packages are unsolicited and come with no explanation. The USDA urges anyone who receives a package, not to plant them and notify their state plant regulatory official to investigate.
Suspicions are seeds could be an invasive species that could introduce disease or destroy native crops.

I wonder if they are the...

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Maybe they're marijuana seeds, genetically engineered to over power american marijuana seeds and force them into stoned submission?

If not, why send seeds? Who sends unsolicited Seeds?
A seed dispensary? Native Crops. not grain crops.
I agree. But if I got some seeds in the mail, in a pack I had or had not ordered from and I wanted to know what those seeds belong to is there a web site for comparing seeds to determine what plant they produce. Do I have to call the authorities first? What if the seed packs are not the end of civilization as we know it?

What if the gift of live seeds is just a friendly gift from some people who think this world should have more green plants growing and producing cleaned oxygen?

Here's an idea, send em back. The return address is on each unsolicited package? Send them back "Not at this address, Return to Sender. Snail mail, here in Aust, I just write that and drop it into a post box. If the Postal Service has a problem with the package being returned they can look into it or call the appropriate authorities to determine any breach of Regulatory Law.
Now what was the question? Oh right, The US and China spat.

In WW2 they called what some people on here are doing Propaganda, or Propaganda for the State. W.
A simple analysis could be done on them.
Perhaps it pertains to the mystery of Covid and it is a way to thwart their government censorship.
It might be an antidote or related to the cause.dunno
Perhaps it is about
Sowing the 'seeds' of doubt
Suspicion will grow if you water it
And suspicion is rife in the states
Cast them out wide, there's no hidin'
If it's not Trump it is Biden!
(a Laogui original!)
A modern day Johnny Appleseed ? dunno
Not so needy
but surely seedy
Don't say just
It's true indeedy
My guess is there planning on sending some Asian murder hornets and the seeds give them the much needed scents of homelife or perhaps vitaminsprofessor rolling on the floor laughing
I saw that on the news.

One can only wonder what is the motive behind those seeds.
I could ID and was right. They checked and they are sunflowers, cukes, hibiscus, morning glory..common seeds. I order seeds from China. Half dont sprout. I ordered Mexican feather grass and either they didn't sprout and weed grass did from my farm soil. Or they are a rip off...any old grass will do.very mad
They say there is a thing called brushing. Get someone to order a bunch of seeds, send them to people and then hope it shows up that they are a super seller and boost ratings.
Fun with China off ebay is everything is either a gift or sample or jewelry so they dont have to pay customs. Plus the idiots who can't read and order...I ordered this and got that!frustrated

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