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The Nobody Loves Me Club

It's that time of the year again for The Nobody Loves Me Club.

If you find yourself alone again at this time of the year, with no one that holds you dear or special in their life. So alone, that the flies won't even come near you when you skip a day or two or three of bathing. Then, perhaps you belong in The Nobody Loves Me Club.

If you write many emails a week to people, profiles you like, and get little or no replies. If no one's made you a favorite nor sent you a LIKE. If you don't get any CS flowers in reply to the many you've sent out. If you don't get any CS ecards in reply to the many you've sent out. If you didn't get a birthday message this year from anyone. If you've gotten very few or no views on your profile.

If your socks start creeping down your ankles, ending up all piled up in the front of your shoes, because not even "your socks" want to be with you.

If your underwear somehow gets all wedged in, really stuck in your rear end, giving you discomfort throughout the day, and then they're difficult to get clean in the washer later. (I know what you're thinking, what the heck does this have to do with The Nobody Loves Me Club?)

If you've treated others nice, but the "Treat others nice and maybe they'll treat you nice in return" rule just doesn't work for you.

If you've been rejected, dismissed, ignored, done wrong and maybe even insulted at times, when trying to win someone over, then, maybe you too belong to The Nobody Loves Me Club.

If she/he said they really like you, "Oh, You're a nice person and all" - but then, when you asked them, "Well, if you think I'm so nice, why don't we get together some time?" They very quickly reply, "What the heck is wrong with you, asking me that? I'm not that Darn Desperate yet, pal! Sheesh! The nerve of some people!"

So come join the club for now. If you're feeling down, it's okay, wallow in your sadness, heartaches and losses for now, for this moment. Get it all out of your system. Get drunk, smoke something strange, or go insane if it helps.

But Remember, you cannot stay in The Nobody Loves Me Club for too long. It's only a temporary place. Life is too short to remain there for too long.

Tomorrow is a New Day, and every new day is a fresh new start with new opportunities.

So get up and get over your loneliness, bad luck and sorrow. For, you truly are a great, attractive personality and a beautiful person.

Start feeling better. Do your best to be positive, smile and get yourself moving on again, because there are great beautiful wonderful things coming your way very soon in life.

There "IS" someone special out there for you somewhere, and you will find each other some time soon.

As it's been said many times before, "Just when things may seem at their worst, that's the time when things could suddenly turn for the better." Yes, love and happiness is just around the bend, and you'll see it, when you believe it!

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A song to accompany this blog:

"What Can I Say" by Boz Scaggs

What can I say
What can I do

3 a.m. it's me again
and wouldn't you know
things would have to end this way

I did my best
the perfect guest
knew when to go
Perfect you knew when to stay

Come on, tell me
that you're lonely, dear
I've been feeling down some too

After all this time
now ain't it clear
I've been waiting just for you

What can I say
Oh, to make you know baby
What can I do
Ooh, to show you that I care

What can I say
Mmm got to have your number, baby
What can I do, do ooh wee

Can't you see the people
just stop and stare
Don't it make you wonder why

I just happened to be standing there
Can't you see it in my eyes

What can I say
Ooh, you got me acting like a fool, girl
What can I do
Ooh, stop making like a little school girl

What can I say
Could be your lucky day, baby
What can I do
Ooh, talk to me, oh oh oh, talk to me, girl

What can I say
Oh, to make you know baby
What can I do
Oh, to show you that I care

What can I say
Oh, I'm down on my knees
What can I do
Please, please, please
What can I say

What can I do
Ooh, what can I do
What.. can I.. say.. baby
I enjoyed the music
I guess i belong in the lonely hearts could always be worse.!

No, you don't belong in The Nobody Loves Me Club.
I'm sure you've got lots of admirers.

Smile like this --> grin
because everything is going to be alright. Think positive. idea
Are you a daydream believer? purple heart

Yes, I'm a daydreamer, a night dreamer, whatever it takes to make life and love more positive. I can get lost in my good dreams, and when I do, sometimes the faith in those dreams can help make them come true, sooner than later. sleep

smoking groundhog
great song and lyrics for this blog. Thanks. thumbs up

Here it is:

laugh laugh I enjoyed that read Robrt thumbs up

By any chance are you in need of a hug comfort
Hi Celtic,

If that hug is coming from pretty you, YES, I need some hugs.. blushing

Must see to bathing myself first conversing
can't risk going a third night ....

Wait for me do wink

Heck yes, I'll definitely wait! cartwheel

And today here in California is Saturday, so it's my bathing day. Cool!
And its still Saturday here ....
why didn't you say it sooner, we could of shared bubbles blushing wink

Anyways, getting back to the hugs ....
here's one from me to you hug teddybear

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