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Dr. Fauci.Over 100 students forced to quarantine after first week of school in Mississippi town...

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@ 15:00 into this video watch what is explained you need to remember this. professor
Swamie ~ I had Covid 19 and a very nasty dose of it back in March.
I did not share on C.S. as was not up to being accused of Drama, Attention seeking, but my G.P. who could not visit me, kept in touch and since I lived alone it was frightening.
The migraine headaches [every day ] the pain down my throat as if somebody was throwing lit ciggies down it. The pains in my bones and muscles, total exhaustion, brain fog, breathing [I have mediocre asthma so that worried me.
My G.P. was terrified I would have to go in to hospital to ICU.
Fast forward ~ I am free of the Virus but have been referred to a clinic in my country which is very expensive because I am suffering from what is called Long covid, as in, I still have the exhaustion, the headaches [not as bad] on and off sore throats, coughing where I nearly choke, very bad brain fog where I forget what i was saying and my mind goes blank.... my bone pains are unbearable. This is quite a common occurrence in those who have had a bad dose of Covid and Virologists and other specialists can't be sure if this is an ongoing hangover from the virus or, if it will eventually go. Antibodies don't protect either.

My Gamma GT is very high which would show my liver is like somebody who drinks a bottle of whiskey a day and many other things showing in bloods which were fine before.
Sun out now so going for a walk soon.wave
What the hell does that have to do with Gates, Who etc?

I am curious to know why this presumably expert doctor consistently says 'immuniolog...' 8 times before I stopped. And respiratory don't you expect a medical expert to know how to pronounce it? Did you check credentials? What he was saying by and large was sensible, but where do Gates and Who come into it?
Swamie is an obfuscator, a disinformation troll posting nonsense fake inflammatory headlines and quotes that have f- all nothing to do with nonsense links posted.. yawn
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