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Using private email, etc. straight away, here on CS....

.....on the recommendation of others. Sure, often, scammers are just looking for valid email addresses to market. Their vetting away isn't hard, and even fun, at times. But what else could be going on?
Well, lots, it would seem. The most common is that most often search without reading profiles, and then beginning to THINK..
Next, private mail is more personal. But, really, what's to hide, and from whom? I know the CS cyberscrutinizer spends nearly every minute at work focused only on my every word. But c'mon, folks, showing the same interest in the private mail of the rabble? Highly unlikely.
Then some say they don't get here often, which, like saying that I'm "new" here, is often a clue to scammers. But not always. In the West we are lucky to have the wherewithal to enjoy lots of IT time, on different platforms.. But in some places, there are real barriers to such,,such as work, money, etc. My ISP is powerful and dirt cheap, but some aren't so crafty or fortunate.
I bet shyness enters in here at times. But again, on our awesome CS, access to our personal thoughts of love, and to my ruses to entrap the unsuspecting hottie tart, are quite private.
There are many other such reasons for not wanting to take the time to chat a bit here at first, while we explore possibilities. And some can be clues to character traits, that some may find undesirable. I value patience, for example, so there.
Now moving on to the darker side of human behaviors, these styles may also be a sign of the need to control. Shocked, I know, that there may be such types lurking out here in CS wounded warrior spaces. But beware. I see this regularly, and it can present with the request to use private mail, and then to effect a block. Yep, the marriage ring rests not only on the finger, but often under the nose.
Lots more reasons. I find that with real and grounded people, after a few turns at the keyboard, we can either, rarely, progress, or decide to look elsewhere. Saying good bye nicely. And rarely, this morphs into ongoing acquaintanceship. Which of course might even have covert, circumstantial chances at blossoming, in their own rights.
Lot's of reasons. Varying level of class.

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