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Hurricane Isaias...

It's a reality that hurricane Isaias currently over Bahamas will be headed for Florida.
Yesterday was sunny and bright and today the weather has deteriorated and expected to get worse as the day goes on.

Projections are that Isaias with 85 mph winds will skirt the east coast of Florida early Sunday morning. At the time of writing this blog the path is the eyewall of the storm will be less than 50 miles offshore with it's closest point just north of the city of West Palm Beach... where you can find Mar-a-Lago, home of president Trump.

With all forecasts there is lots of room for error and a degree or two toward the west has Isaias striking Florida around Boca Raton to Palm Beach. The best part about hurricanes, due to temperature changes are often the weakest in that time.

The image below is linked to the site and updates every 4 hours.

Embedded image from another site

This link has a trajectory map that can be scaled for more accuracy:

Comments (8)

You & your wife stay safe, away from windows.
Although, as destructive as all natural disasters, with a hurricane people can prepare and protect themselves, property and family..

Move to higher grounds and be safe.
We drove along A1A today to see the rough seas.
Lots of surfers and people wind sailing!

I checked radar and interactive predictive maps a few times today and see the wind speed dropped. This is good.
Also, the course has changed enough where the storm will probably make landfall right at my latitude. This is bad.
Expected to hit my area in early morning hours. This is good as lower wind speeds are predicted.
From the satellite images, this storm doesn't have a well defined eyewall. This is good as a well defined eyewall is the most concentrated source of destructive winds and tornadoes.
It's shape is irregular with most of the energy and rainfall into the ocean. This is good.

It's 9:30pm and only one band of extreme rain came through this evening. Winds are moderate with little rainfall. For safety, I moved my car to the west side of the buildings so it won't be in the path of direct wind.

I'm annoyed that some of the residents on the adjoining condos put trash out next to the dumpsters, and not in them... things (like an old medicine cabinet) will become projectiles in 80mph winds. Fuk'in morons.
Stay safe, Chat. hug
I want you and your wife to stay safe..I want you and your wife away from a joint that is always prone to these kind of bloody things..The virus in Florida at the moment is a catastrophe in regard to deaths and infections..You can't go to a safe place to congregate with others during this pandemic. blues hug
Thanks everyone for your concern. We're good here. thumbs up

During the night, the hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm with 65mph winds and not expected to regain hurricane intensity. It's slowed in it's path though, so I'm expecting this to linger all day.
Currently, it's due east of my city about 40-50 miles into the ocean. The good thing for us (and bad for Freeport & coastal islands) is all the lighting and heavy rain is offshore.

We've got very little rain so I don't expect flooding. Winds here are less than 30mph.

The predicted path will bring the storm close to Palm Beach in a few hours, skirting the coastline up to Daytona Beach.

- - - - - -

Mercedes, in the 60 years I've lived in Florida, not once did I need to stay in a public shelter.


More than 25 years ago, I volunteered as a Ham Radio operator doing emergency communications with 2-way radios to help people affected by power outages after a storm. I'm not inclined to do that anymore.

COVID-19 awareness. The condo management company posted notes on the bulletin boards by the mailboxes, about required masks for people going to local shelters. The though of a large group of people in a school auditorium (possibly with no a/c in a power outage) for a day frightens me more than the thought of storm itself.
Sounds like you are going to be okay but sometimes those canes turn. I came here hoping you posted because I'm not watching any news. Had you not have posted I would have turned the news on.

I've never stayed in a public shelter either Chat, mostly because I've always had animals. I have however packed up my tribe, animals and all (except the horse) and outrun the hurricane. I've bounced between Tampa and Orlando to ride them out. A few times we ran into it.

The year of our 4 hurricane hit when Charlie was supposed to hit Tampa, we stayed in Orlando but Charlie came to us instead and turned our town upside down. I only lost a wooden fence but getting to my office was totally obstructed and no electricity for two weeks each for three of those hurricanes.

August & September has been our most notorious months. This is the price we pay so we get to live in paradise when winter ravishes the north. I'll take it.
Karlorado lives near Daytona Beach. blues

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