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the Future of America (It's Not Good)

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One of my sister's who lives in the sticks, bought herself a white goat last week....
he either got loose or jumped the wall, but any which way he did, no one has seen him since confused

I don't know about America's future dunno

But I do know her's is not with him laugh

the Billy goat that is roll eyes

Sorry string, the goat reminded me of her sorrowful loss ....
I couldn't help but share hole
ba,ba, ba, bad goat.laugh
No kidding, he was a bad goat indeed wink
You goat-a do what you goat-a do
Some interesting musings there (in the video). I believe likewise that a catastrophic mistake is to believe in 'the church' or 'the papacy'. Deception is the hallmark of the devil. There is nothing or no one he won't seek to possess.
yep they don't call him the great deceiver for nothing.
For your sister, Celtic. smile

Thanks Harb, you've no idea the great memories that particular song brings me back to.....
not only was the record played often, the song was often sang as well wine
Blogs like this, really get my goat!........
Chancer, what I goat-a-do is watch the opening upload conversing lol
Blogs like this, really get my goat!......
get a cow then.
the anti pope is suppose to come to the US in October to discus what the video is talking about. not unless the plandemic postpones it.
@string you talking about Francis?
yep I am.
The Father, the Son - and the Holy Goat!
Why does, the poor goat, get the blame for everything?
Oh dear, is it my fault the goat got roped in here uh oh hole

String & LCBR..... Loving your humour here giggle laugh applause
even if you're not trying to be funny..
Hi, CW,

Just sticking up, for the poor, humble, goat. That is all...
or big daddy, little daddy, and spoke.
You too Kind LCBR hug
Hope the goat appreciates that considerate heart of yours lol wine

Daddy WHO String confused dunno

roll eyes

in the name of the father, big daddy, and of the son, little daddy, and the holy ghost, spoke.professor
thus sayeth the goat....
so speaketh the mule.
The goat sayeth: "I am a poor, but humble creature, forever taking the blame, for others' actions"......

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