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Facial Recognition

In recent times I find myself increasingly concerned about the use of facial recognition software in cctv systems. It alarms me that government or any other organisations can track my movements. It is claimed that this technology is a valuable tool in the fight against criminal and terrorist activity, but I see it as yet another step by the establishment towards monitoring and exerting even greater control over the lives of the ordinary citizen. Well I intend to thwart the state's attempt at this intolerable intrusion into my legitimate daily activities. From now on, when out in public, I intend to wear a face mask in order to hide my identity. idea

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it's happening in china.
Harbal ~ I hate to tell you but people in Tesco and my local book shop still recognise me with the mask.
I hate it too and there is something eerie about this whole facial recognition thing. Big brother has become a monster. We can't go to the loo in peace.
It's happening everywhere, string. All over the globe people are wearing masks in protest.
harb I was born free and that is the way I want to be.
I suggest a mask and dark glasses, gg. cool
Me too, string, that's why we all need to wear a mask. thumbs up
nope no mask for me.
Well then what about a false mustache and blonde wig, string? idea How does that sound? hmmm
I wore a mask and reallllllyyy dark glasses to the grocery store. I couldn't see too well.

When feeling around the produce section, looking for a melon, some lady suddenly screamed out, turned around and slapped me, my dark glasses fell to the floor.

She then shouted, "Those are not melons buddy, those are my cheeks, my rear bumpers! Keep your hands off!"

I replied, "Sorry, I didn't know the difference." dunno
harb not hiding from no one.
Didn't they even strike you as being warmer than you would expect a melon to be, rob?

Could happen to anyone, I suppose. smile
Well I suppose you are used to being under constant observation, string, what with the ever present, all seeing eye of God on you. uh oh
we ALL are harb.
I think I manage to give him the slip every now and then, string.
na ,your just kidding yourself. you can run but you can not hide.
A lady with dark glasses bumped into me at the grocery store as she felt around the produce section. She talked to herself aloud, "I guess these must be two Kiwi Fruits." doh
There seems to be a very high level of carelessness and dark glasses in that grocery store, rob. I can see the attraction of doing your shopping there. cool
robrt787•6 hrs ago•Somewhere, California USA
A lady with dark glasses bumped into me at the grocery store as she felt around the produce section. She talked to herself aloud, "I guess these must be two Kiwi Fruits." doh

I remember seeing that, the lady went straight from the Kiwi Fruits to the Banana section just above.
I thought she squeezed the banana for a thoughtless amount of time.

And the facial recognition thing. I look nothing like I do in my photos. The camera somehow changes me to look different; and as we all know, the camera never lies.
Harbal as soon as we walk out our front doors we are being track.

My phone has a feature to unlock/lock with facial recognition.

When flying, the airlines are now using facial recognition.

It is everywhere.

One can get away from all these modern technology if we live like the indigenous people.

I don't think i will survive that life-style as i like indoor plumbing and buying my food at the grocery store.
I could not survive on the concept of hunting and gathering. laugh
I wondered when bananas would come up, Wrinkly. roll eyes banana
Actually, LaFonda, being tracked doesn't really bother me. I never go anywhere I shouldn't. innocent
When stalking laugha person who's wearing a mask can be essentially invisible to a facial-recognition system,
I have nothing to hide, Swamie. uh oh

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