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"SCAMMERS! The Movie" 2020 version

~Discretionary Advisory: This blog may be disturbing to some readers. Maybe.~

Coming attraction trailer promo showing in a theatre before featured movie begins:

"'SCAMMERS! The Movie' is back, in a new 2020 version remake, or something like that. This time in 3-D! Yeah, some new gadget, so we can charge you more and make you wear them big silly glasses that make you dizzy and make the movie look out of focus."

"21st Censored Pictures presents 'Scammers! The Movie, in 3-D!" (dramatic music here)

"Beware, be wary!
Aaarrrrgh! Incredible drama, crazy love, insane laughter, some insane people too. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll complain, you'll offend and be offended."

"You'll see people remove their website profiles or hide them due to scammers or just because. Then, they'll quietly return later, sometimes with a different name."

"You'll witness Scammers in 3-D! With this effect, you'll think you're actually seeing them reach out of the screen for your wallet or purse! Others may reach out to grab your arzz!."

"Don't dare chat, reveal your email or send money to them scammers, No! 'Cause then, they will capture your mind, your heart and make you want them."

"See as one lady tries to resist, "Help, I'm chatting with a Scammer, he starts every sentence with 'Am' instead of saying 'I am'. Arrrghhhh! He's sending me signals, controlling my mind. He's very demanding. I've got to send him money, now! I, I just can't help it!"

"Scammers! The Movie, in 3-D!"
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"Watch as one man cries, "I tried everything to get rid of them, but they wont go away. I called the local Pest Control to spray my computer with chemicals, but the scammers did not go away. My dog even lifted his leg and sprinkled the computer, but the scammers persist. Eeegad, what more can I do?"

"Aside from scammers, see as another lady reads the greatly influential political blogs. "What? Biden did what? Oh heck, I'm voting for Trump then. Wait, another blog says Trump did, what? Oh, I change my mind, I'm voting for Biden then. But, but another blog says both candidates are, huh? What? Oh no! What do I do now? Please, paid and volunteer political campaigners on the blogs, make up my mind, will ya? Who do I vote for? Tell me, please! Arrggghhhh!" (dramatic music again)

"See the many beautiful fashion model pictures used on some Scammer profiles, men and women, and many claim to have Master's Degrees or PhD's in edumucation and/or in opening beer bottles with their teeth."

"Some Scammers may write and tell you how wonderful you look, even though you have no picture on your profile or you may have a picture of your dog or cat instead. Or you may have just a big picture of your eyeball."

"Oh, and watch out for those good angle, bad angle profile pictures. The good angle attracts you to click on their thumbnail picture, but the bad angle makes you quickly click back and look away. Yikes! Like a bad glare in your eyes. Whew!"

"See the profiles of those who have every darn bad habit on the planet and could care less about their health, and yet seek a physically fit, no-bad habits, health conscience, wealthy, fashion model-like, virgin partner?" (hmm, what's that got to do with scammers?)

"Yes, there is so much more to see here (and ignore), and this time in 3-D! But to make a short story long .."

"Watch 'Scammers! The Movie, in 3-D' for yourself!
It's coming this Fall to select theatres near you. And at a fewer other select theatres, it will be presented in BG, bad grammar mode."

Person in audience that feels offended by the BG remark, shouts at screen, "Ah, stupit mobie dat is! Make fun uh bad grammur guy lik me. Well, F*** you, grammur freak jerks! Like ef they so DARN perfect. Huh!" (wow, he sure knew how to say them cuss words correctly)

(Blog concludes in comments section)

Comments (18)

"And be sure to buy the big popcorn and soda deal at select theatres. One delicious artificially flavored big popcorn with 10-40 weight automotive oil in it, that later stays at the bottom of the box or cup, so you can use it in your car's engine later. Together with a one gallon soda (or you may substitute a big Slurpee for the soda) and nachos too. All for the one low price of 64 dollars and 46 cents. Wow, I tell you! One heck of a rip off, err I mean deal!"

"Can't wait to see this movie? Why? What's wrong with you? Anyways, if not, then you can buy tickets NOW in advance, online to see this spectacular movie. Cool, huh?"

"Adults? If you have children, be sure to get their approval before using your credit card online."

"Don't miss this great movie! It doesn't matter if you have to miss work, quit your job, divorce your spouse, miss your medical appointments, but whatever you do, don't miss this movie!"

"Scammers!' The Movie, in 3-D!"

PS: There really is no 'Scammers 3-D' movie 2020, not 'this one' anyway, thank goodness. This blog and movie promo is not meant to represent or depict any person living or romantically dead. Any similarities are simply coincidental. This blog is also not meant to offend anyone, but if it does? Oh well.
A song to accompany this blog:

"D.O.A." by Van Halen

We was broke and hungry
on a summer day
They sent the sheriff down
to try and drive us away

We was sittin' ducks
for the police man
They found a dirty faced kid
in a garbage can

And I'm alone, I'm on the highway
wanted dead or alive, dead or alive

Broken down and dirty, dressed in rags
a from the day my mama told me
"Boy, you pack your bags"

I sent the Mayor down in his pickup truck
The jury looked at me, say, "Outta luck"

And I'm alone an' I'm on the highway
wanted dead or alive, dead or alive

(guitar solo)

Now we're broken down and dirty, dressed in rags
a from the day my mama told me
"Boy, you pack your bags"

Here we was sittin' ducks
for the police man
They found a dirty faced kid
in a garbage can. Did yeah, yeah

Babe, I'm alone an' I'm on the highway
wanted dead or alive, dead or alive

I'm gone. Ooh yay
Alright. Baby, I'm on the road
I'm a spark on the horizon
LoL. W
Oh no! now you tell me..tongue
I even got some kettle popcorn to share and strawberry crush.innocent
Wow and wow laugh
Oh my i am scared now!

thanks for the comment. It's a great new movie, and the popcorn/soda deal makes it even worse, err better.


The theaters don't allow outside snacks and drinks, but do like everyone else does. Bring your kettle popcorn in a purse.

Lots of people bring in fried chicken, whiskey, beer, biscuits and gravy, lollipops and such, hidden in their pant's pockets, purses, in their shorts and so on. Cool idea, huh? popcorn

yes WOW! Crazy things happen in this movie. Can you imagine, if any of these things REALLY happened in real life? Yikes! wow
uh oh


It IS scary. Just about as scary as going to the store and finding out .. The Slurpee Machine is not working today!!! help

Or the artificially flavored hot dogs and hamburgers in the heating rolling bin at the mini mart gas station, that have been there for six months, are suddenly sold out until further notice! doh
Yes and I'll get Chuck Norris to come and fight covid19,,, laugh

I have an ex-GF that is tougher than an iron anvil, and mean too. She's never had the flu, because she scares it away. help

Thank you Ashy,

for the Applause emo.
Or is that Jumping Jacks exercise emo? Or is that Dancing emo? I had a friend that actually danced by doing jumping jacks. Yet, he claimed he was not doing jumping jacks.

Thanks again. very happy groundhog
Hello Robert,

I was disturbed about the voting part...and the oil for the car too. laugh

Heeeeerrrrreeee'ssss Joooohhhnnnnyyyyyy!!!! head banger

Good to see you, Johnny!

Yeah, some of this stuff is disturbing or stranger than non-fiction, one of those three, or something like them.

Especially the Popcorn with automotive oil. I mean, the least they can do is use synthetic automotive oil.

Thanks for the comment. Stay safe. cheers
Or maybe that should be,

Especially the Popcorn with automotive oil.
I mean, the MOST they could do is use synthetic automotive oil. Cleaner, less calories.
rolling on the floor laughing beer cheers
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