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64th Anniversary

Mom & Dad had their 64th anniversary yesterday. Baby sister talked the care center into letting Mom and her offsprings to come see him through the glass. Lots of signs were made saying things like WE LOVE YOU, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, PLEASE EAT, et al.

There was double doors, we could go through one door into a little cubicle about 4X8 which we crowded into with are faces pressed up on the glass doors into the care center where they wheeled my Dad to on the other side. Every single one inside and out had masks on. The most fun was watching Mom say and use her hands to show Dad over and over how much she loved him. At one point we had a countdown and all screamed at once I LOVE YOU to Daddy.

I kind of felt we gave him a flash mob of love. For my MOM it was a joyous joyous day in the midst of this crazy virus. We know the care center has covid cases so we all are quaranteening ourselves for awhile, keeping fingers crossed to.

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64, great year that roll eyes

These are sad and difficult times yet I'm delighted you all managed to have a nice time....
how hard it must be for your parents ...

Sending best of wishes here, you're father eats teddybear

wave Fay
heart beating
If you're into numbers, note that the 64th wedding anniversary is 2^6 (two to the power of six). The last time a power of two anniversary came around was 32 years ago.

Maybe some elaborate chess set is in order: 64 squares after all.dunno
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64th Anniversary Flower- Sunflower
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Congratulations to them and your family. thumbs up
64 years wow amazes me lol am lucky if i last 3 years lol or three months dunno lol

You must have been veery happy just to see them hug
Happy Anniversary to your parents
daisy daisy
teddybear love teddybear
We were sort of like a flash mob for Dad. Of all the diamonds and furs Dad has given Mom over the years on their anniversary, just the fact that they got to touch hands was actually her best gift ever. The nurse had tears in her eyes and did a huge NO NO by opening the door as we all left just so Mom and Dad could hold hands for a second. It was the best sight to behold. If he passes I hope that is the memory that lingers in my heart.
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