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acceptance of deviance

seems like s*xual deviance is being normalized. the age of consent is being lobbied to an all-time low. are we forgetting the physical? like, a toddler isn't equipped with the standard ins and outs. the left seems to enforce s*xual rights. how can there be any? just a bunch of perverts perverting justice. Maxwell will hopefully shine some light on the freaks.

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Yay!, CO. Only 8 minutes, and I'm first to respond and to contribute.
Many here from the left are adverse to thinking and arguing, preferring instead simply, VERY simply, to lift and post silly pics and Syndromic biased nonsense, from their alt leftie fake news media.
Same with facts. And on your theme here, how about the harm to youthful sexuality caused, VERY caused, buy one of their derelict heroes.
Facts on serial alleged s*xual abuser and perhaps rapist as well, disbarred Scheister, and impeached Potus, both largely for lying,--- Bubba Clinton,---who thankfully made the vagaries of o*al sex clear to the world. Same with the use of fomites (cigars) for same.
Kids now say, "whoopee!", and if the President can do so, we can as well.
Of course, as any lover of cigars would say, "ruining a perfectly good cigar".
Sort of like when the WHO smashed guitars after concert on stage. I digress, once more.
So who, exactly, is advocating what, exactly? confused
In Europe the Green party [specifically Greens] have a bad record with children deserve s*xual pleasure agendas.
Children may feel pleasure in genitals when being soothed with cream and toddlers but it is not understood in the way sexuality is and shouldn't be equated as being the same.
As Op says correctly, the age is being lowered and it is coming from most leftie parties.
Ghislaine Maxwell photographed young girls and herself and Epstein having sex and those Documents will be opened before the trial in July next.
Watch this space.. Many big wigs have the 'runs' already. wink
Sorry * Should have read 'specifically German Greens. Did not sleep well last night.
GG, if I have these folks on my mind, my sleep is also disturbed.
Stop playing dumb, HE. You are too good at it. Of course I could care less about that hick from AK ruining our kids ideas of sex. I only care about the great waste of cigars and guitars. Sort of rhymes, No? Might just make lyrics for a country song.
I understand and agree with you palm....I know what has been going on for sometime...but would rather not share my knowledge...due the stalker troll looking for any excuse to to attack me...maybe tell you in pmbouquet
I really am dumb, Vier, I'm not playing. uh oh

And why do you Americans use the expression, "I could care less", when it should be, "I couldn't care less"?

Just asking cos you all seem to do it. dunno
I have so many ways to address this blog and I do not want to seem indelicate about your new grandchild and this topic.
The problem orginates with the value placed on life.The DNA/RNA and even fetal cells are being replicated and crimped to re-create living organisms.
(profiteering). To continue further onward towards the issue of government involvement, this is where the U.S. is agency heavy and violating our freedom.
Government funding and research is out of control in that those who profit directly, lobby and fund campaigns etc. even though it is legislated against.
The sleaze is pervasive as Seaworthy has provided the indictments that took years to unseal and named
a few that in relevent numbers may be a thousandth of the total that violated our rights, children and were minions of more heinous and powerful global figures.

Do not be overwhelmed as people are being alerted after decades of lies about the links between these agencies: planned parenthood, human services, adoption services, pharmaceutical companies, medical research labs in universities and
even the false monetary awards of Nobel and grants.
The education system is tied into these government mandates as well that all de-value life.
( this includes control of organs and clonings)
Cryptochid ~ I just saw Ashlanders reply and hope my reply was not insensitive. I forgot about you having a new beautiful grandchild.
At least these perves are being outed from the safety of high places and I hope this evil can be stopped on societies most evil trade in human life and abuse of same.
Patricia ~thumbs up
This foundation is currently being destroyed BUT the secondary purpose, which is much easily to dismantle, ( the social-pyschological-s*xual brain washing that allows people to break a natural bond towards their offspring) has been an means of profiting into the billions, to also fund the cell research.
The abuse of life is highly profitable on the perversion and deviant levels.In other words heinous crimes pay..for more insitutionalized crimes.
Every healthy natural instinct we have towards life is being assaulted to create a false and artificial purpose without love, soul or freedom.

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