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Yesterday I had to visit a government office concerning a financial situation.
As you guys know everything change because of the coronavirus

No mask , no service , hand sanitizer and ofcourse social distancing.

It started of with a lot of running around , until I said to myself, this day started of bad , then I remember that I am alive and healthy. therefore I should not think negative thoughts, so I chuck up a smile and I thank God for life .

Well , upon my arrival at my final stop to finalized my business , I knocked on the glass door and a slim young woman dressed in a green uniform came and kinder crack the door and asked me what I wanted , so I said to her if we could be more private due to the fact that there is a crowd , she responded by saying , it eh have no privacy with this virus again nah and we both laughed, then she indicated to me to come inside , while talking to her another security guard shouted to her about social distancing, I apologized to the officer that was attending to me and she told me to wait outside until the government office is vacant , thank you was my response.

I waited about 15 minutes and they called me inside again , pleasant as pleasant can be , I said good morning again , but this time to the governor clerk, while speaking to her this security guard started talking to me and telling me what I should do to rectify the problem, so I said to her , madam you are a security guard and the government hired this lady to assist us with issues concerning this financial situation, she responded by saying that she was told to tell me that , again I said apparently you don't know your portfolio and I continued talking to the officer , she interrupted again ,so I asked her if she want to trade places with the clerk or of she wants to do two jobs , she got angry and she said i am very disrespectful and she asked the clerk if she is finish with me in a a manner as though she wants to push me out the door , the clerk said , no I am not finish as yet .

When I was finished with the clerk and I was about to leave I turn to the security guard and I said to her , madam please stick to your job and let the clerk deal with the public , you were placed here to control the people and if the situation gets out of control you must call the police and I also told her not all trees good to climb some have ants .

When I got home I called her manager and I reported her I told them I do not want her to lose her job , but she needs some customer service training .

To me she was out of order .

You do your job and let the government workers do there and to know that she is working for a private company, nothing to do with the government business .

I was upset but not in a augmentative way and I was thinking about. my day how it started and how it could have ended very bad , but I did not let her get to me where I had to be escorted out the building .

Good morning everyone, have a wonderful day and don't let the devil get in your way .
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