My NICE blog

how nice it is to have your family visit and stay a few days very happy

Yet for some strange reason when they leave .....
seeing the back of them, is always nicer applause lol

But the nicest thing of all is .....
the bliss you find in the stillness & silence of it all happy place

As for the mess they leave behind uncertain
nowth nice to say about that, so I'll keep me trap shut.

If you have something nice to say/add ....
by all means, share wine

But if you don't ......
well I'm pretty sure, you all know the drill by now roll eyes

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I'm going to opt for saying nothing. You leave me no choice. sigh
Because you're not misbehaving harb....
maybe your actions say it nicer than your words innocent

Or so the saying goes dunno
This is so nice, that I nicely sent your family a link. laugh
laugh laugh Now Kp, you are an honest woman talking handshake

The way I see it, them going away leaves us alone to recharge our batteries conversing
and to blast up our songs that DON'T apply to us dancing

Ps, hope your grandaughter & family have a lovely time away cake party

And you too of course very happy wine
laugh laugh Jim, how nice of you ........ NOT shock doh lol
I am kinda use to being all by myself.

Eh steady on now String, It's just a little niceness I'm looking for ....
and not a proposal of any other sort roll eyes lol giggle

Just like you string, I too will get used to it as well wine
I have had more practice on lonely nights.

this IS a nice blog.grin
Thanks String .... one of my favourite songs applause

Lonely nights aren't always wasted when we can put our practice into our dreams wink

G'evening Vier, not nice of you to make me blush blushing

But since Its your good-self, this time I'll allow it wink bouquet

I wonder are we somehow related, sounds like one of my own family members you've got there....
but unfortunately most families have one sad
I have two, my brother sounds exactly like yours ... when my lived here with me, like yours, mine also hated seeing him coming, but unlike you, I would never let him stay here overnight... so either you are nicer than me, or your brother is nicer than mine conversing

Thank you kindly for your twopence worth wave
Thank you String handshake

But its people like you that helps keep nice things nice hug

Oh no, my daughters returned home to Covid's black spot in Ireland ...sad

Anything good never stays nice for too long blues moping
Yep, CW. The bottle. Ain't it awful? But some do get better. Lots of God's special grace.
@ Itchy, Girl - wave .... I know all too well that feeling when a family member leaves after a stay:

As you know I spent a week at my sister's place recently and of course she cooked for me, did my laundry etc. On the evening before I left I handed to her and her husband a $300,00 voucher to her favorite restaurant in appreciation. A little gesture like this goes a long way to reduce the "Glad he's gone" feeling, or at the very least leaves them feeling a little guilty at even thinking like that.... grin

There's no such thing as a free lunch but many people tend to take advantage of their own family.

Take care little 2" taller one and stay safe...

grin hug teddybear bouquet
Top of the morning to you Vier tip hat
it is awful and don't both of us know it, along with so many more.

As gracious as our God is, recovery is down to the strength and want of the individual and not to forget either, a transplant.
@ Itchy, Girl - wave .... Maybe if you have time you could re-read my comment again Girl, see if you can find the 'voucher' word........ professor

..... grin hug teddybear bouquet
So you did doh

Sorry bout that Hans, is it alright if I blame my lack of concentration on my ongoing eye condition hole

Bless you for your niceness innocent bouquet

Hi, Itchy...nice,nice,nice,......bouquet
Sorry, Ms Witch.....nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice.....bouquet bouquet bouquet
(hope that makes up for it)
Aw thank you LCBR hug

One nice gesture deserves another .... so for you bouquet

Because of my eye condition, perhaps I've not read your second comment yet roll eyes

So maybe skedaddle outta here before I do super
looks like we are in for a couple of days with high humidity 90 degree temps.
cool blog! grin groundhog
Heavens String, now I love heat but that would have me feeling baked alive wow
But you're probably used to it?
Hope you are prepared for it hug

Correction Rob, not cool scold

Tis a NICE blog it is very happy


yep am ready for it, got the air on and staying cool. still going golfing tomorrow though.
Good for you String thumbs up
you've no shortage of sun hats anyway lol
tip hat

Shucks Luke, that is just about the nicest song I've ever heard flirty

@ Itchy, Girl - wave .... Apology accepted... conversing grin hug

Check mail, Girl

grin hug teddybear bouquet
I prefer they visit me , rather that I go over .
I don't like sleeping out .
Today one of my sisters and her two daughters together with the grandchildren came , it was fun they left around 7 pm .
This is the part I hate . So when are you coming over ? Soon sister , lol
I'm very much like you Ann in that department, but more so with the visiting than staying over ...
Once I'm there, it's alright, but getting there .... is another thing.

But since I've being reminded enough ....
" if I care enough I would put the effort in" blah blah

The things we must do to show someone we care blah lol

Rightyo Hans wave
Oops I disallowed comments without seeing/checking comments.

I shall go now and read what is written.
Off the blogs? sitting behind a closed profile more like, acting the wounded victim with the hope to portray to others its MY fault you left ... well you didn't fail there, some believed you.
but anyways your off the blogs/CS, so it's just a coincidence you resign after I made that comment.

Defend yourself by all means, I've not forgotten how/who you were ....
but it seems you have me, the blanks you don't remember you have filled with lies.
But carry on as you do, I don't care .. my disadvantage will work to yours, so that should and will make you happy... one favour though, less talk of my family members.

late here, G'night.
I am at the stage where i don't encourage company to visit me.

I find ways to meet in a mutual place.

I'm stuck in my ways and i know that everyone does not take care of my homelike i do.
"I Never Have Nice Blogs"

"Because I Stand For Freedom".....................detective
"Be Thankful Miss Witch".....(Which I Know That You Are)

"Because Some Of Us Don't Have A Family"
"That's Even Worth Talking About"

"In My Case?'

"Seeing The Backs Of My Mother Or Father Then?"...(They're Not Here Anymore)
"Had No Effect On Me Whatsoever".............................detective
Like I said G, carry on as you wish ...
I've only high lighted your one side, how many have you of me?
but keep it up, I've got good tolerance ... til I don't.

"My Mistake"

"I Should've Read The Entire Blog"

"Before Entering".......................detective
Smile" that is not a bad way going about it either wine
more so when everyone visits, has not the same respect for you home.
A person can be house proud without going over the top.
wave Nam, skipping through your comments ...

I'm not rightly sure what you mean when you say seeing the back of your parents never had an effect on you? was that a good thing or bad thing?

I'll read you reply tomorrow because If I don't sleep now I won't blues yawn

So G'night gnite
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