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Two Wrongs Does Not Make It Right

Living outside of chicago....and the 2nd round of looting of downtown...and the cops being shot at and attacked....ongoing news for hours on sure Pres Trump is going to jump all over this....since he wanted to send troops here....Mayor Lightfoot has alot to get many times can businesses be many times to bounce back...versus how many times can the cops use unnecessary force...and at times very brutal and deadly forces against people getting point is how do two wrongs make it right....the cops using deadly force....and looters looting without protesting just went for the goods....all I know for certain is went to a nearby suburbs store to get necessary items....cause everyone wonders are the suburbs next while moves are made to protect the downtown area....what a mess...!

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It's terrible and it has to be
After you stop it then can you address any legitimate concerns some of the protestors have but you can't deal with them while trouble is flaring.
Yes...the current ongoing breaking news title in red....Unrest in Chicago!
You're right - it is a mess. A mess that our "mayor" won't accept responsibility for. My opinion is that they should let the troops in and let them do their jobs. Stop them in their tracks. Let the chips fall where they may. If people get hurt or killed - let it be. Letting things get worse will only come to that end anyway. Let go of your pride and disdain for the President and ask for help .Instead of admonishing your police force - support them. Let them do their jobs.
Yes unfortunately...what they are trying to do isn.t working....either way people are dying...and time to do something programs take awhile to set up and get going...and in the meantime..tatus quo is not working!!
typo status quo
Am so disgusted with all of these gangs shooting little kids!frustrated
Their little black lives matter too!....How many more shall be in the line of fire before social programs?!crying

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