How do you treat yourself...?

Did you ever feel like you carried the cross in life?

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* Life is tough ~ typho.
Hi GG,
I don't want to argue with you or anyone about religion as it's a personal issue but just one thing I can't help questioning, you said that eternal life is there for people who believe. What about those who don't? Is eternal life denied to those who don't believe? If it is it seems an awfully harsh punishment just for having a different opinion, would god be so punitive?
Snowlynx ~ Very long conversation needed to answer your question with any measure of a decent reply and that's not a 'get out clause'
Any God who became man [his son] and who chose to die, remember the word Chose to, for our sins, believers and non believers. Is not a horrific Creator.

It s down to faith. I personally don't believe that anyone knows the Creator [I believe in ] really, how could they. Infinite love that passes all true understanding.
It is very hard for intellectuals to 'become as little children' and to believe in a God.

The big bang theories and many scientists believe, many don't.
I can't prove for certain God exists no more than anyone can prove that God [Creator ] does not .
Back to your question. . Personally as somebody who dies believe, and strongly, if somebody just can't believe, tries and finds the whole thing to be off the wall, I just can't see this wondrous merciful creator do anything to hurt anyone.

The Evangelicals will be out quoting scripture which I have studied, but no man really does know God. The God I know and love is merciful and Snowlynx I believe Creators love and mercy knows no bounds. I hope that answers your question. I believe we will all get a chance. handshake
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