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The USA has a little over 4% of the world population and almost 22% of the Covid-19 deaths worldwide

Today from The Huffington Post;

Thank goodness the Trump administration will likely finally be replaced with a more competent, caring, fiscally responsible, and people centric administration. Lets help make that happen. head banger

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Statistics are true enough, conclusions debatable.
Anyone can debate whether Trump will continue his reign of democracy destruction.
However, Romney's statement in the last paragraph of the article is definitely on point.
The additional number of deaths due to the Virus will be determined by checking the death trend rate over the past few years. Some deaths were expedited by the virus and are skewing the overall perceived death rate actually caused solely by the virus. Maybe quarterly figures are already available, but annual figures will clear it up. I suspect that the rise in overall deaths this year will be up on the normal trend, but when the figures are compared to the projected trend we will find that the results will not be as bad as they appear now. If you want me to clarify further, I will.
I totally understand what you are saying. However, there's also some not quantified deaths in the opposite direction, especially early on. Some people died at home and were just listed as "natural causes". The other thing is, we don't know the long term effect on both quality of life and longevity for those who have recovered from the infection. Regardless, I do agree that a month to month comparison averaged over a several year window without a pandemic would serve as a decent baseline. Clearly there has been a significant increase. But the exact level might be tweaked later.
Sad commentary......Trump was the one who closed travel to China and built the wall. You'd have many more "cases" otherwise. Further....the avg. age of people supposedly dying from Covid is 78.....same as life expectancy. All you do is prove that the Left politicized this virus.....and it's less harmful to younger people than the flu. When you live in a glass house.....full of lies and don't throw stones! scold
There is also a disparity in how covid deaths are counted. So that number may not be completely accurate.
k - that was discussed in the 3rd & 4th comments.

j - Trump promised to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it.
However, no wall was built. Some sections were replaced and a tiny amount was constructed. Most recently Bannon and others were arrested for pirating $$$ donated
from private citizens for a wall, instead being used for personal expenses.
While Trump finally limited some travel from China, it was far less than complete.
Regardless, a lot of the virus actually came from Europe. In general Trump has done
a horrible job of defending the USA from infection with the virus. He has frequently misled the public.
Search : Covid USA

Scroll down to the graph timeline.
Covid numbers climbed Dramatically in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing on May 25. It's arguable that the ensuing protests caused a Major Covid outbreak.

By comparison, the national impacts of Trump Rallies & the Sturgis Event appear to be imperceptible - a mini-spike in early September Might be Sturgis related.

Trump was the one who closed travel to China and built the wall.

Actually, it was closed travel FROM China.

Construction of building a border wall between Mexico and the United States wasn't/isn't related to the virus travel ban.
Obesity, age, the heart of a huge empire, diversity, freedom.. there's a long list of reasons why the American and British public could die in a light skirmish. Thanks goodness the pandemic is not a real war and is just a fascist plot to militarise the public into accepting rationing and confinement.
Yes, what we need to fight a virus, is yet another convoluted conspiracy theory. That will get it done. roll eyes
A lesson on how to mismanage a crisis I'd say. scold
Hopefully, no one will duplicate that 'lesson', and no one near as inept, nor as corrupt, as Trump will ever again become president. thumbs down
Well 2 things. First much of the world has no real access to health care and in many places when you die it is on a street or alley or in some hovel and no one puts a reason on a death certificate, they just bury you (or feed your corpse to giant cat fish) and move on. 2nd India's numbers are climbing fast.
India's numbers are climbing.
However, that does not excuse the inadequate & inaccurate response here in the USA.
Since the US does not have universal healthcare, some of the world views us as having
relatively less healthcare.
Relatively less healthcare??? USA Health system for people of other countries is a laughingstock, compare it with Canada, UK, NZ for starters. Amazing technology, amazing science, incredible lack of equity and equality.
Every death is a tragedy but 2.8 million Americans die every year. You're only going to need about 15 more of these pandemics to equal the risk of dying from anything else this year.
@Chesney the numbers are going to be similar to death by obesity by the end of the year, and a singular difference is this is not you killing yourself, not your choice, but the guy with a sniffle sitting next to you in the subway who does you in.
So, your suggestion, is that we only do something when the number of deaths from something nears the amount of the total deaths ????
A lot more US citizens have died from Covid-19 this year, than all the years of the Vietnam War. That's significant. It would be nice if there was at least as much of an investigation into the horrible response to Covid-19 by Trump as there was for the few who died on the other side of the planet in Benghazi.
Every death is a tragedy but 2.8 million Americans die every year.

That's one way to look at it or you could say we've lost nearly 4 times as many to Covid as we did fighting in Vietnam. cool
@ JimNastics We had more Americans die of car accidents (low as a statistical cause of death) during the tears of the Vietnam conflict, than died in Vietnam. I think those who want to waste milions on pointless investigations should be the only ones forced to pay for it. i am slso opposed to Congressional or Presidential pensions. Do your 8 tears, then get a job.
I'm with you on the pensions for Congress and the president. They should also get the exact same healthcare. You can bet then the rest of us would get good healthcare.

However, there's no reliable way to determine if investigations are worthless, before the investigation takes place. Look how much money was wasted on the Benghazi situation. I think it is good to keep politicians accountable.
Trump reminds me to Jakarta Governor, he does more errors rather than do a right thing. We say that he is selling Jakarta to a devil.
It's a shame, that such bad people sometimes get put in charge.
The death count has already been doctored. Every thing was covid and they were getting thousands to lie about it. Should we wonder about the demonrat governors that put infected into nursing homes? The real potential murder every one is trying to ignore.

Then there's the common sense factor. The virus hit the whole globe. IF IT were truly that deadly, the count should be in the tens to hundreds of millions dead. Instead, it all looks like another severe flu season with bloated politics blowing every thing up. That includes the hot air coming from people that think it's so horrible. I don't see any one mentioning how many might have died from assisted living facilities alone, thanks to demonrat policies.
No. It hasn't hit the whole globe yet. It hasn't even hit the whole country yet. But, it has killed a lot of people.

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