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America - a shared land occupied by warring tribes

From an ABC Radio National interview this morning with Nick Bryant who wrote "When America Stopped Being Great: a History of the Present"
How 50 years of division charted an inevitable path to Donald Trump's Presidency

It is by no means news, there is a BBC interview from 2017:
The time when America stopped being great

Just looking at this CS blog-site 'America - a land shared by warring tribes' seems very apt.

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Nice commentary on the rise of conservationism in America, but I would contend it began not in the 80s with Reagan (though he played a major roll) but with the Koch Brothers in the 60s with David Koch hoping to ride into the White House as a Libertarian candidate. The Koch's used their billions to reshape America into the conservative, corporation friendly realm it is today. The Koch's did not like Trump, did not want him, but through their political manipulations opened the door to an internet age media clown like Trump. Well David died of cancer and well maybe - hopefully - Biden and company will be able to steer the nation on a less destructive path. Only time will tell.
Your observation is well measured and contemplated.
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Thanks for sharing, seemingly an interesting thesis...let me buy the book.
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Fargo ~ I don't as an observer, remember ever seeing US more at war with the different political factions and other problems of unrest.
I think tweeting is not a very presidential thing to do and especially when it passes snide and ugly remarks at other people.
Who would have though in this day and age that a president could call women 'ugly' and 'fat' and be so socially inept.
@GG it's not just USA either, the factionalism, polarisation and division. It seems pretty well global, but to a lesser degree. How to heal the rifts? The technology, the Internet, are big factors according to his thesis, and it is hard to see healing or reconciliation.
Change is not easy assimilated by society. The changes brought on by industrial revolutions are still being dealt with - a la Climate Change. Adapting to the computer age is proving itself equally difficult.
hey old crow, as usual your words are a linguistic nightmare, full of hate and derision.
Deleted irrelevant off-topic comment from a nasty poster. An extract in memoriam. He was warned.
Fargofan ~ I was out this morning with a friend and just back Ireland time 2.20.
Indeed there is a global push toward leftist liberalism but it is not real liberty, it is a marxist ideology and Fake News and polarisation and hatred, stabblings, racism is racing it's ugly head everywhere, I agree . Not just the States.

I believe fear and unrest is rampant and people
have become wary of their leaders whereas even up to the 90s people believed, had confidence in the Govts. to lead and protect. Now we have seen their underbelly.
We are reeling today with a scandal of a golfing outing by Govt and other so called higher echelons of society , and a dinner with 80 guests whilst people like myself are cocooning and only allowed to walk outside and told to shop early when nobody is about and yet these yobbos, our Government flout the laws. This is only one aspect, in the face of rise in cases of Covid and all the front line workers in hospital risking their lives it is obscene.
not sure what to make of this, but add a link

Else, thanks.
Two irrelevant and incoherent posts by the trolling gargoyle removed as warned.
The only relevance of his posts (which are otherwise incomprehensible) is that he demonstrates by his very presence of the Warring Tribes mentioned in the topic title.

Congrats, Fargo, on deleting Vier. The Trump Trolls assume the Liberal Left are fools who will forever politely listen to their nonsensical rants. Listen and foolishly try to reason with logic and facts. But then I am not a Christian, hence I am not required to turn the other cheek. I don't have to put up with their nonsense. I certainly don't have to let them set the rules.

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