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What really happened with those Kenosha shootings

Violence broke out late Tuesday night during a spat of BLM infighting in Kenosha, WI, leaving one critically wounded and two dead after a small band of armed men carrying rifles and wearing symbols affiliated with the Libertarian Party found themselves the target of a violent mob.

The multiracial libertarian group had been initially supportive of the BLM rioters, immersing themselves in the crowd and clenching their fists while repeating various phrases associated with the movement. “As long as you f*** with the government and not with each other, we are with you. No lives can matter until black lives matter!” one of the men said, the Libertarian Party’s porcupine symbol emblazoned on his shirt. The group then proceeded to march down the road, stopping at a boarded up gas station and milling about as protestors marched by.

The crowds swelled as the night went on, becoming more confident and aggressive. A band of rioters went into the gas station parking lot to harass the armed libertarians, enraged that they would not be able to loot and vandalize as they pleased. One white rioter walked right up to the armed men and proceeded to taunt them, calling them the n-word. “Shoot me n***a! Shoot me n***a! Bust on me n***a fo’ real!”

The situation escalated, and that is exactly what happened.

The increasingly aggravated crowd advanced on the libertarians as they ceded ground to appease the crowd. The libertarians eventually fled the location and became separated as the rioters ran after them. Footage during this time frame is scarce, but one recording shows the fate of the man who had taunted the armed group earlier. He is seen with his shirt tied around his face while sprinting across a different parking lot in pursuit of one the armed men later identified as 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse. A gunshot is heard as Rittenhouse is chased through the lot, his arms down at his sides, gun pointing at the ground. The 17-year-old then slows to a stop, possibly alarmed by the gunfire. He turns around just in time to see his assailant whose arms are raised mid-tackle. The 17-year-old raises his gun fires four shots, dropping his assailant with a shot to the head. Rittenhouse circles a car before coming back to the downed assailant while three additional shots are heard (unconfirmed origin, possibly warning shots from Rittenhouse). Rittenhouse checks on his assailant's condition and pulls out his phone, calling the authorities. A small crowd begins to converge on his location, prompting the 17-year-old to flee again in fear. Members of the crowd attempt to give medical treatment to the still conscious assailant, accusing each other of the shooting.

Additional footage shows Rittenhouse being chased down the street towards the police blockade, clutching his rifle as dozens of rioters run after him in hot pursuit. The 17-year-old receives various blows to the head from rioters before being knocked to the ground. Rioters immediately swarm, shouting “Get his a**!” Rittenhouse, sprawled on the ground, manages to seize his rifle, and sit up just in time to fire twice at a man in a mid-air attempt to kick his head, missing both shots. The assailant runs off uninjured as a second assailant slams a skateboard into Rittenhouse’s head and attempts to steal the rifle. A single shot is fired into the second assailant’s midsection as he raises the skateboard a second time, forcing the assailant to release the rifle and drop the skateboard before taking a few steps and collapsing to the ground. A third assailant, armed with a handgun, feigns surrender by throwing his hands up.

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America has gone down the toilet. I fear for the sane and normal Americans.
This what happens when you elect Democrats to run your city/state and they tell the police to stand down. frustrated
Here's the blow by blow description of what went down.

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Video Clearly Shows Justified Acts of Self Defense” – BIG UPDATE – Noted Covington Attorney Lin Wood Announces Intent to Defend Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

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