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The 'Tolerant' left

19 videos of 'tolerant' left-wing protesters harassing and trying to intimidate people after the Republican National Convention ended

Mayor Bowser of Washington of course doing a superb job (much like she did in the aftermath of George Floyd's death) of keeping things civil pointing pointing *sarcasm alert*

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Amazing Chance is it not and then some are upset the Dems are called Demorats Next wave
So now AOC and fellow radical left Stalinist Democrats are talking about putting people on "lists" (actually not just talking, they're actually doing it). This is a person who has been talked about as a possible future president of the United States, making blacklists of people based on who they chose to support politically. It's not like we haven't seen this kind of stuff before. Some of the most evil regimes in history have been very fond of keeping "lists". So pay attention, Americans. Pay VERY close attention..
Yes, you two. To hear Dems, and their biased media, call BLM and antifa tactics "peaceful demonstrations" is telling. As evidenced by any comparisons with typical Trump related gatherings. MAGA/mega rallies, campus meetings, and any Tea Party event.

The denial among victims of Trump Derangement-Hilary Deficit Syndromes is striking. Clinically, and otherwise. Much more so than typical liberal, self -loathing, White privileged guilt.
So now will you gather together and Harmonise down at the local Hillsong, and sing with joy of the socialist evil that will be defeated at the second coming? Will you eat your words of 'Demonrats whinging about defeat'? For four years or 8 or 12 ... Bitter bile, eat it and delight.
Ah @vhk some idioms I can introduce to my students - like:
humble pie, eat your hat,
rub their noses in it, things like that

rolling on the floor laughing
... and of course:
what goes around comes around
comes back to bite you
bitter medicine
grin and bear it
or how about:
thank god for small mercies

take your pick
Any comments on the counters being intimidated by TRUMP supporters in Pennsylvania?
No, you only post that which supports your own agenda lol
Looks like the boots on the other foot regarding "sore losers" lol
4 years of "we was robbed" hahaha, Your hero lost, get used to itcomfort
I would not like to be Trump when he eventually does have to leave the White House. I don't gloat over
anyone's misfortune but he faces a lot of debt and other charges. I am not naive as to think the Democrats
are the 'Good Fairy ' either. I am watching the whole debacle on T.V. and reading the newspapers since I am in lockdown.

No one likes to lose...but Clinton conceded...Trump needs to do the same...Biden may have some questionable actions...but he is not a divider...he will work as a non partisan...what USA needs
LouLou I agree. When the votes are finished. Previous presidents [including my country] whether margins are small or not, the President gives up office with dignity [despite inner feelings] and shakes hands with the incoming replacement.
I have only seen Joe Biden act like a gentleman. He has not indulged in any inflammatory rhetoric.

Despite the passive aggressive remark from a certain member here...that is what USA needs a kinder gentleman with an ability to work with
Gore too, 2000, conceded with dignity

thumbs up
We, Americans, refer to one VP as his campaign image "Uncle Joe " and the other VP to be Kamala as well China's problem now. dunno

As most instances go in history the VP is rather unremarkable.These two however have the rare
ability to magnetize socialists and ire.
rolling on the floor laughing

Gore didn't concede until December 13th (after a THIRTY SIX day legal battle before), or did you forget? Mind you he was entitled to go the legal route, just as Trump is this time.
Entertain your fantasies here for free.
You will not have to deal with of the scenarios
you project at the U.S.

Keep sprinkling...
No I remember well - and the protests in Florida were totally justified... the voting system has corrected many of the problems from then; how many votes did the Presidency hang on? And now?

You are forgetting that Trump has no popular vote winning nor electoral college of stop the shit grinning...doh
Hanging chads? 400-500? Gore accepted the SC decision ... cannot see DT having any semblance of grace.
And by comparison, DT will lose not by a single state and 500 votes, but by 5 states and 5million
Did I say sprinkling?
SEE they start out rather straight forward,confidently spewing their assertions and then turn ever so left


spray like a skunk.laugh
laugh Chancer there is a remedy to skunked blogs.
They like to be sure they clear things up by clearing out the room.It gets denser.
With their remedy aren't blogs so much kinder and peaceful in the swamp.

x - Racist DixieCrat Stale Cracker ...
very mad

x - Corporate Owned ... very mad

XX - Bankster Owned (BIGLY!) ... devil

x - Military-Industrial Complex Owned ... very mad

x - Warmonger ... very mad

x - Séxual Assault Allegations ... banana (Anyone remember Tara Reade? ... dunno )

x - Influence Peddling ...
very mad

x - Sold Out/Compromised (see above) ...
very mad

x - Lying/Plagiarism
foot in mouth ... liar

x - Affable Cracker Made Old White Folks FEEEEEL OK Voting For Obama ... smile

x - 'Crat Primaries Rigged Against Comrade Bernard ...
very mad

x - Superannuated Senile Sock Monkey Puppet ...
sad ... sad flower

x - Gentlemanly? ...

XX - NOT scold ... Orange Man BAD! ... thumbs up

@mic if you do not speak, no one will listen
(but if you do speak, no one will listen long)
Learn to speak for yourself.
@mic a single glance at that crap yu just quoted - garbage bin bound

Hit a Wee too close to home for ChiCom comfort, did it?

@mic you hit nothing, you are youtube copier, nothing to say, a damp wick. I can say with confidence I have never seen an original word from you. Whether you care or not, you have zero respect, marginally more than VHK in this era of -ve interest rates.
This should REALLY curdle the rice pudding of "Bought & Paid For" Beijing Joe's ChiCom Puppet-Masters ...

@mic what utter nonsense. Cannot be bothered with your crap anymore! Just boggles the mind crap crap crap. Do you understand my opinion of you, do I need to clarify it?
From the Towering Intellect who Demonstrated Total Ignorance of how voting works in WESTERN countries by claiming it only APPEARED that Ol' Joe got a Lotta votes cuz folks voted by Mail ...
Then voted In Person ...
And polling personnel simply hadn't yet eliminated the extra mailed-in ballots.

rolling on the floor laughing

When do facts sink in? Come on, we are one people and voted this way. You don't like it, that's ok
I said "... how voting is done in WESTERN countries" - Can't say how it's done in the PRC.

Is it ME - Or does ESL Guy's English seem to be kinda, well ... Breaking Up? ... dunno

A 77 year old white kkk dingbat
..who doesn't know what city he is in from day to day.

Only in Amerika.
Yup ... cheers

Embedded image from another site
I am sure you will
I'm Not so sure Ol' Joe's gonna survive ...


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