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Drunk and Violent Nancy Pelosi Cursed Out Republicans, Removed from House Floor

Pelosi cares so little for Americans that she would show up drunk to this important vote. Here is an excerpt from one of Pelosi’s many drunken outbursts that day:

“You’re all a bunch of a**holes! You need to be voted out since you don’t give two sh*ts about the American people! Their lives are on your hands. You’re a bunch of knuckle-dragging oxygen thieves. In fact, we should charge you for all that oxygen you waste every day, especially your turtle-looking f*ck from Kentucky.

Get fu**ed! We’re going to impeach that orange bastard again you can best believe it!”After this outburst, the Sergeant at Arms, Joe Barron grabbed her and escorted her out as she kicked and screamed about her rights being violated:

“Do you know who I am?! You’re violating my rights you fascist brownshirt! I’m the Speaker of the House! You’re going to regret this”

Republicans clapped and cheered as Pelosi was thrown out of the chamber. Democrats vowed to cover up this incident so it wouldn’t be known to Americans, but we are here to report the truth of what happened.

Pelosi has long been known to be an alcoholic, but this is too far, even for her. It’s time for her to be forced into retirement. She is a bad influence and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She needs to go.

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b.s. "Dunning-Kruger" Times roll eyes
Embedded image from another site
I think the etiquette is to quote a satirical piece as satire, not try to pass it off as fact.

Unless of course, you fell for it.
Pathetic, anti American BS.
Pelosi is a psycho. doesn't matter what party she belongs to
Americans are that gullible they cannot differentiate between satire and reality, this is how the lies start, the gullible believe and embellish these "stories lol.
i made my assessment was based on numerous clips. this gal has spots and they aren't changing
*my assessment was made
Widely know that Nancy has a bottle problem and gets tongue tied . Not allowed to drive pissed but legal to make laws pissed .
"Good morning. Sunday morning."
chancer_returns•58 mins ago•Dublin, Ireland
"Good morning. Sunday morning."
Never realised that Ireland was in a different time zone to the UKdunno
Sorry Riz. I had a "Nan" moment!!

Or you are in another country like New York, maybe with your pal Private Cowarddunno
It was a joke Riz, watch the clip, and lighten up laugh
Yes of course, not like you would ever distort the truthrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Just let the lady enjoy a drink, will you!........
This just goes to show that Pelosi and the Democrats are the worst choice for America. They have no respect for the voting public and with this every citizen will know

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