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ACTORS NEEDED FOR PROTEST - GOOD PAY Phoenix Convention Center - Craigslist - AZ

WOWEEEE! Need WORK? $15/hr to be disruptive...what a "DREAM"JOB, RIGHT?

HOW PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But wait...THERE'S more!!!!
AN even BETTER JOB with GEORGE SOROS exists if you 'qualify! $1000 per Riot and EVEN MORE if you get your friends to join you!!!! FREE BUS-RIDES TO THE LOCATION.

Teachers in OR have done it...........why not YOU???????????

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Yet some people still believe that Soros is not funding all this,
I wonder why no one has commented on this blog................
Welcome to Communism, comrade.

Do you think the "down-trodden " masses
Actually over awed the Russian Monarchy
With pitch forks & rocks...?...then having done so,
Decided to implement Cruelty unheard of since
Vlad the Impaler....
"Antifa #PortlandRiots #PortlandShootingSuspect The man who called himself "100% Antifa" on social media, sought for the murder of a Trump supporter in Portland, has been killed by law enforcement. As a journalist who covered Antifa in Seattle, I want to share my experience of what it's like and how to better understand both their purpose and tactics. Many who are reporting on the group right now have very little if any direct experience with them. My old news station, KING TV, covered Antifa at least once a year on May Day, during which we prepared for protests to turn into riots with vandalism and violence by hiring security guards, wearing non-official gear, and bringing along first aid items. Though it was hard to distinguish between protestors wearing Antifa-like gear and "official Antifa" supporters, this video shares my experience of those events. A couple items to note in mainstream media coverage of Antifa is that outlets often fail to qualify Antifa as anticapitalist In my experience, Antifa marches in areas known for retail like downtown Seattle. They also [don't need a racist or fascist organization to "confront" in order for them to take to the streets. Many of the protests or riots I covered where Antifa was present were filled with likeminded people. It can also be difficult to differentiate between Antifa, anarchists and black bloc protestors. Finally, what Antifa "stands for" depends on the person who considers themselves Antifa. It's not, in my experience, a group like the Society of Professional Journalists that requires membership fees and has a thorough roster of members."

I watched her video and she also stated it was 1)pulled from youtube and Antifa is rarely covered
2)That mainstream media juxtaposes the protesters as EXTREME RIGHT, which it a falacy.They needed no opposition to protest.
3) She stated she followed Antifa in Seattle years before Trump.( to be Anti-capitalists)
4) large news camera were targeted for violence
5)she had her peers review this commentary for the unbiased assessment before presenting the facts
Yep, all. Anticapitalist, same as fascist one party Communist. Don't be fooled by this or by evil folks like Soros, abandon-er of his family. Usurer supreme. Don't just take my words for it.
I am not an actress, but I would certainly do it for free! laugh
Obviously taking a piss, triggering the usual suspects.. rolling on the floor laughing

Embedded image from another site
These rioters/looters/arsonists/murderers are being arrested as we speak. applause

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