Celtic style

If you click in here roll eyes
ignore this blog.

Just testing and messing around, trying to figure out why I can no longer upload confused dunno

How frustrating it is to know or think, something you could once do ....
no longer can do frustrated

Eh" still talking about uploading here roll eyes lol

testing 1-2-3 ....

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frustrated frustrated frustrated

hopefully if God is good .... 3rd time lucky bowing uncertain

"It Looks As Though You Have Found Out"

"The Way To Upload After All"

(If You Want To ....For Me?).....And For Practice?

You Could Go On You Tube And type In

"Mel Gibson Warned Us About China"

"And Put It On My Blog "Ta hell With China"......................detective

"Thanks If You Can Do It
I have Nam so no stopping me now with my own favourite Celtic/Irish collection yay

will try and do as you wish bowing
along with another I tried to do days ago ... but couldn't sigh
@ Itchy, Girl - wave ... I knew you could do it Girl..... conversing applause Persistence always pays off thumbs up

Got the bloomers thing and all, don't forget, plenty of starch when you iron them..... giggle

Take care little one, stay safe....

.... grin hug teddybear bouquet
@ Itchy, Girl - wave ... Got around to watching/listening them all, great choice of tunes, Girl..... cheering

I always watch Celtic Woman whenever it shows on TV.... conversing

Take care little one and stay safe...

..... grin hug teddybear bouquet
Nothing wrong with CW on TV, Ma'am. But there's one special CW many men here on CS would dream to be messing around with. The dark shades complete the good/naughty phantasies, and so the lure.
Not Celtic but at least a contribution...laugh

Ah heavens Hans you're playing that song again ..... sigh
but its nice to see I'm not the only one with a short memory around here ..lol

Some sides Vier, are best kept hidden... till one knows how one can handle wink
you are such a sweet man hug

Right you are Luke, it may not be celtic... but I do see the similarities roll eyes laugh

But sometimes change is welcoming wine

You forgot Mairead playing Granuaile's Dance.

She is one of a kind.
Forget Mairead... with a name likes hers, how could I roll eyes

Definitely agree, one of a kind .....

For you Mack wine


I don't know how to upload videos and photos anymore....sigh
Don't worry about it Crazy, its no big deal hug
Bump roll eyes

and only because I'm not allow to upload on my most recent ongoing blog 0sigh

What's that all about 0confused 2dunno

Celtic woman shows are always good for a perve. Nice singing and dancing too.
Used to love Duran Duran Ozzie, until I seen Simon on a beach with his little black thing...
somethings should just not be seen scold snooty

I suppose Pat I could say the same about Celtic Thunder...
Especially George, he is was amazing smitten

sad flower
Thank you Bentlee that's a beautiful song wine

Reminds me alittle of " gentle on my mind" ... or not roll eyes

cw64 what u make of this song?

Delerium - Aria [Official Music Video]
To be honest, I don't know what to make out of the apples in the tub confused

That aside, the women have good voices wine
Anything to be artistic with a tough of sexy, now do you get what they sing?

By the way, good night and sleep well. I'm one hour ahead of you wave
See you around, I wish you were here more often. See you.
I can upload videos...but not picsconfused
When I don't get what they sing, I do get to use my imagination as to what it is, or could be about...
and just so you know, tis a very good imagination I have batting

Sleep well Ozzie, I shall be joining you in a minute...
different beds, but same moon ... as for imagination roll eyes

I'm sure you know what I mean blushing wink
That's alright Mr Charming, what woman wants a man that knows everything hug
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