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Trump's Nevada Rally

Trump's rally yesterday in Nevada was held indoors. The rally violated the state's restriction on gatherings of 50 people or more. scold

Doctors had warned this Nevada rally was "negligent homicide." There were no strict rules at this rally except for those that were directly behind Trump at the podium. Those people were required to wear masks. There was no social distancing and very little mask wearing in the crowd however. doh

No Mask Nevada protestors have been protesting on street corners for weeks now.

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It'll be interesting to see what effect the rally might have on covid case numbers in Las Vegas and Nevada, Curves.

Search : Covid Las Vegas Nevada ... and scroll down to the graph timeline to follow the number of daily New Cases.

What do we know For Sure? ... I Wasn't There! ... talk to hand


I guess they were dying to see the president. Is it really worth the price? dunno
For all of us who chicken'd outta Attending the rally - Here's what we missed ...

No Masks Required - or Needed ... grin

See Comments on the rally - Some from folks who were There.
Love him or Hate him - He works a crowd.

I detect NO such energizing of supporters of Ol' Joe yawn neither in blogs nor IRL.


So did snake oil salesmen, "Working a crowd" is not a definition of a world leaderdoh
Yes, he really knows how to work a crowd....of idiots.
Sooo ...
Energized Supporters are now a Bad thing cuz Ol' Joe's a senile snooze generator? sleep


I'm really not sure it's wise to belittle Trump's ability to work a crowd, or enter people's front rooms through the TV, make himself at home and speak to a certain demographic in their own language.

It won him the last election and it may well win him the next.

However inappropriate he is as the US president, it would be better to recognise the skills he does have and counteract them - which of course the Democrats have monumentally failed to do with their choice of presidential candidate.

Disparaging the political adroitness that he genuinely has only serves to increase the divide.
He's highly motivated to stay in office as he's likely to be charged with falsifying business records and tax fraud once he leaves.
Right You Are thumbs up You're not the First to make that observation -

Those aren't Right Wing-Nut hit pieces scold Those are Lefties ... very mad
Damned Right You Are thumbs up
Just ask Hildy about her Gaffe Heard 'Round The World ...

foot in mouth

typing Quickly googles meaning of adroitness, skilfulness; had never heard of it hole
As pointed out by Ms. the_gripper, 'Crats could hardly be doing a Better job of keeping him in office if they'd Endorsed him. cheering
Hell! That might've hurt him Worse politically than running Ol' Joe.

Why is it that everyone seems so concerned with Trump's taxes and business practices? Has everyone already forgotten about Biden and Hunter and their business practices? Biden and Trump are BOTH running for office, why aren't they looking into any of the Biden issue as well? When it comes to investigating, it appears that Trump is always the only target when it should be cast evenly on both sides. By keeping the focus on Trump and Trump alone, the Democrats are hoping we forget about issues they have as well.

I saw an interesting quote on another site that I think sums up the whole left vs right issue:

"I am a classic liberal, believe in freedom of speech, tolerance and respect for others' opinions... I did not walk away from the left, they walked away from me"
Yes, energizing idiots to do bad things IS a bad thing.
Trump's Tulsa rally was linked to a surge in covid cases. This one probably will be too.

thumbs down
At some point we're going to have to open up the country. Vaccine or no vaccine. I think a lot of people need to have their choice restored. Give choice back to the people. Let the businesses decide whether or not they want a mask or no mask. Let the consumer make the choice as to where to go with or without mask. People are fed up with being told what and how to do simple every day occurrences. It's insane that I have to home school my granddaughter because her very tiny school is required to wear a mask all day long. I can't imagine the younger ones (3-4 yr olds) handling that too well. People want their lives back. Was/Is it a bad situation? Yes it is but I don't believe it's as bad as they claim. The numbers have been wrong from the beginning. So we'll see what the rally really does to Nevada's numbers
Perhaps the observations of Ms. the_gripper, Leftie analysts & the "Deplorables" film were a mite too subtle.

This Leftie makes it Unmistakably clear ...

"And if his man-'splaing is triggering you ... See @ 3:55 "

Let me make it clear to you Mic. That video had a TINY bit of SOME relevancy back in 2016.
Now it has none. Trump IS president. He no longer represents change.
Indeed, his horrible presidency urges change FROM him.
The powerful NEED FOR CHANGE will be the driving force that will ensure that Trump
is removed from office.
Republicans married themselves to Trump enabling him to destroy normalcy to something much worse. For this, they will pay the price. The Democrats will likely control all 3 wings of government after this election. Republicans brought it upon themselves with their behavior in enabling the corruption from Trump and in the senate. That was inexcusable.
If Republicans want to continue to divide themselves further away from what the majority want, then they will continue to pay the price. That's up to them.
They have squandered their opportunity. Democrats will be given their opportunity in November. Like it or not, you will have no choice but to realize this in November.
And Jim what are you going to do when Trump wins again in November? What will the Democrats and so-called liberals that are tearing the country apart right now going to do? More destruction? More rioting and looting? Pissed off again because they lost. Go after the President because they're mad? Instead of working together, more senseless investigations and allegations? What then Jim? I have a feeling a lot of the disruptions we're seeing now will somehow subside in November. Can't imagine why...

Running the Senile Last Living DixieCrat snooze generator & expecting he'll be Prez is, well... an Idiotic thing.

*We didn't watch the "Deplorables - Demonized Masses" film, did we?
Yeah - I don't think we did.
Like we Failed to heed the words of This Leftie ...

See also the Comments - Note Especially the 5th from the top.

Why would they change This time??

*so-called liberals ...

Well phrased, kp! cheers

Right thumbs up
And this will be accomplished by an uninspiring Senile, "Cringe" Worthy Stale Cracker who has (or soon Will have) a mind comparable to that of a sock monkey puppet and who Cannot work a crowd??

C'MON MAN! laugh

Getting back to the topic of the OP ... grin

The Don just ad libbed a nearly Two Hour rally during which he worked a crowd & Energized Supporters.

In all Honesty -
Could anything Remotely similar be expected of Ol' Joe??


Which brings us Back to the point made by Ms. the_gripper ... Right You Are, Ms. the_gripper cheers

Ol' Joe's the most ridiculous Major Party Prez Nominee in the history of the Republic.
He's seized the Title from Horace Greeley who held it for nearly a Century and a half - since 1872.

I suspect Ol' Joe will suffer the same Electoral fate as Horace -
He'll get buried in an crushing Landslide.

We'll know More November 4.


All the diversions from you aren't going to make any difference.
Trump will lose. Republicans will lose.
The Democrats will control all 3 wings.
This is not my preference. I don't want to see any political party control
all 3 wings. In normal times I prefer balance and cooperation.
But, republicans will be punished in the election for what they have done
and it is well deserved. McConnell has sat on bills too long. Congress is supposed to serve
the public. Instead, many are serving their own interests instead.
The obstructionist attitude needs change and it is well recognized.

Trump told a reporter he wasn't worried about getting coronavirus there as "I'm on a stage and it's very far away." Too bad those in the crowd weren't able to say that. confused
Trump himself will always be his main concern.
He does not belong in public service.
"Yes, energizing idiots to do bad things IS a bad thing."

I am delighted to finally hear someone from the Left who condemns Democrats endorsement of Antifa's criminality. comfort
If anyone believes this will change with Trump's re-election they are naive beyond redemption. Trump has DONE NOTHING IN ALMOST 4 YEARS TO BRING THE COUNTRY TOGETHER. What makes anyone think he will suddenly change if re-elected?doh

If Biden is elected, the above quote will happen but by the far-right and those brainwashed by Trump, However, Biden and the Democrats have the motivation and the nerve to start rebuilding the nation and make Americans once more proud to call themselves Patriots rather than the weasels they are today.
What did Biden do to unite Americans in the years he was Vice-President? Those are the years when America really became divided.

For that matter, what did he do in his 40 years in political office? Will a man who made no notable achievements in the strength of his prime begin to make changes now that he is in his 80s and sometimes doesn't know what state he is in? What were his achievements, other than setting his son Hunter up for billions with the Chinese and Burisma?
Let's stick to the topic.
You can say the same about Pence, it is not the duty of a VP to instigate major changes, that is down to the president.
What did Trump do to halt illegal immigrants in the last 45 years? f*ck all, he employed them and then ripped them off by underpaying them. He still employs immigrants and still underpays them. He gave jobs to his entire family with no experience whatsoever, they earn far more than Hunter ever did. They use China for cheap labour, so I think you need to rethink your premise that Trump is a good leaderdoh
A doctor who called Donald Trump’s first rally this summer “criminal endangerment” because of the risk the crowd would spread coronavirus to each other has described the president’s latest indoor gathering as “negligent homicide”.

Interviewed on CNN, George Washington University’s Jonathan Reiner was asked what he thought of the rally, Mr Trump’s first full-fledged indoor event in months, given the national coronavirus death toll is approaching 200,000 and the virus is still spreading in many states.

"Negligent homicide,” he said. “What else could you call an act that because of its negligence results in the death of others?

“If you have a mass gathering now in the United States in a place like Nevada or just about any other place with hundreds of thousands of people,” he said, “people will get infected and some of those people will die.”

It's simple really. Masks help to contain the spread of covid. I consider it a minor inconvenience.

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