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Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!! gift gift gift
happy birthday

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Happy Birthday, Jenny!
Thank you for your nice greetings kptthatsme and Shawnthor.
83 years old today wow lol cheering
Happy birthday lovely ladywine
Happy Birthday ??
Wishing the bestwave
Happy Birthday, Jenny... I hope the troll leaves you alone for one day. Best wishes. bouquet
happy birthday

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday, dearest Jenny!... I hope you have a wonderful and special day... Sending you a bear hug and tons of blessings!... teddybear hug bouquet
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Hope Cor is doing better... hug bouquet
Thank you all for your Birthday wishes, appreciate this cheering gi

Melody thank you for asking, Cor is finally doing better.....bear hug back to you.teddybear
Happy Happy Birthday dear lady and I hope there will be many many more great days of remembrance.

Thank you Lukon and for a song in the S. Afrikaner language. Love it can understand quit a bit of it.

Happy birthday Jenny! gift teddybear boogie party party hat balloons cake peace

Young at heart, as always

Big e-hug from Ireland
Thank you Changer for the hug, you can have a slice of Melody''s chocolate cake. cheering
Ok, people... Don't panic... Here's a bigger cake... laugh laugh laugh

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teddybear danceline party party party hat balloons
happy birthday Jenny! ... teddybear

"Happy Birthday Too"

(I Wont Ask How Old Though).................detective
Melody you are a gem for sure. You are truly amazing........ lovely
Okay everyone have a piece of Melody's cake. teddybear
Nam it is no secret 83 years old today and proud of it. cheering
General, nam and miclee Thank you all for your birthday wishes..... applause
Thank you also for the cute card Generalbeacon
Have to confess that I am a bit sneaky this time of my Birthday.
Having been born in Europe, I claim the 14th and the 15th as my Birthdays ha ha
Cor falls for it every time.
Flowers yesterday and just now took me for dinner. lips
Jenny & Cor Perform!! ... choir



OMG Just too hilarious Mclee, loved the four singers so sincere and sweet
Have a piece of Melody's cake now okay? applause
Late happy birthday Jenny. Keep on keeping on and sharing humor as well as fighting for truth and freedom. hug
Thank you Soon, trying to do my best to keep up the good works. cheering
happy birthday cake balloons
Happy Birthday my dear friend, Jenny!party party hat balloons cake happy birthday
Oh my, thank you Dedovix, soon, and Gentle Jim, there might still be some of that scrumptious cake left that Melody left for all. enjoy some................cheering
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