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God is not in that what you think wrong

God is Almighty and All wise and all Present.
God know you before you are born, He know your future.
God know everything and every thought.
God know what you think if you think right or wrong.
Every thought which do not agree with God ,is from evil.
So watch what you think ,so if you think right or wrong.if right is ok, if wrong,reject and don,t do so!
if you do wrong you are sining and sining lead to suffer!
So who are you when think wrong? are you of God or of evil doing?
surely you are of evil doing.If you think there is no God or God is not righteous or if you do against God:
you are fooling yourself and serving evil so !
So don,t make suffer for yourself and so don,t do wrong to be judged!
Have you ever seen that those who do wrong and repent not are judged for their sin!
They escape not the judgement!
So there are two worlds: 1. Perfect and 2. Imperfect.
Perfect world is from God and imperfect world is from Evil.
So Devil is all evil powerful: what so ever is imperfect and lead men so to do imperfect is from evil.
So if you are not converted and become humble as children:you can,t enter kingdom of God.
So refuse every evil thought that come to you to make you do wrong or sin.
There is only two sort of thoughts: Good thoughts that agree with God and Evil thoughts that comes from devil to man.So agree with good thoughts and refuse bad thoughts.
when you refuse evil , evil goes away.
when you accept bad thoughts, evil is with you!
So what so ever you think wrong which do not agree with God or which is against God, is from evil.
Evil comes to steal, kill and destroy.
If you believe and obey God,s truth, you don,t need be afraid from evil, because God is with you and He
will save you.
So what are your thoughts if you don,t agree with God or believe not in God ?
Your thoughts are against God and are wrong:so you will say,there is no God,or you say God is not right
who allowed suffering and bad to man, or what ever you say wrong which do not agree with truth of God,
is from evil .
So read bible and seek God and Truth and believe and obey truth and you will be saved and away from evil.So don,t lose time but do so believe God, because soon will be too late,because time will end.
And then is judgement and so comes suffering.
So now you know that what is Good and true is from God but what is wrong and untrue is from evil.
If you love God with all heart.., and love your neighbours as your self, neighbours are people you see daily.
So if you do these two greatest commandments: you will live and leaded into truth and salvation and
God will be with you.
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