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Vierk treetop science, once more.... No sleeping or texting in class, puleeze....

...Seems that the stiffness of the cell membranes in erythrocytes, (red blood cells -RBC's-, for some of lower class and education, down there in Oz), varies under different circumstances. Not new info, really.
Highy educated lady killer scientists as I, were taught that in sickle cell trait or disease, the kids are protected from the Plasmodium spp. Malaria parasites' invasion of the RBC.(needed part of the development of these little Shite bag swimmers). Membrane characteristics seemed likely actors.
At first epidemiologic clues to the low rates of this world killer disease (? syndrome---I love the word) in these children, got many thinking of such a mechanism as membrane shenanigans. Possibly also for some of the variation in oxygen uptake and release from hemoglobin in these same un-nucleated specialized cells. Response to pH,etc., in lungs and tissues, respectively.
But scientists at Cambridge, the Welcome Trust, and at one of my almas (UNCCH), in collaboration with our hottie tart staff at the prestigious Vierk Institutet, (for the study of cognitive and behavioral syndromes), now have relevant, more specific findings.
Apparently, a mutation at one allele locus in genes coding for the development of RBC's from stem cell lines, upsets the structure of proteins in the cell membranes of red cells (little Commies, all), rendering them more stiff. As big little Vierk sometimes (rarely, these days) becomes, when thinking of the alluring CS females. Digressing, digressing, again.
And, with help from our very own retrospectoscopic scanning electron microscopes, have measured the variability in these stiffie changes. They are now at work trying to synthesize genes for proteins without the pesky mutation.
Nice time to be alive.
Sickler kids (most of color) and malaria patients suffer greatly, and often die young. Sickle cell crises make sinusitis and passing kidney stone pain look like a walk in the park. Opioids barely touch it.

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