Do guys like this

I'm small framed 4"11 and 93 puunds.Just want to know how many guys like that.
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Girls your size make me want to scoop you up, hold you tight and give you hugs and kissies. grin head banger teddybear heart wings
You might try this as a thread on the International Forums if you want some nifty answers....

The ain thing is heart, soul and a joy for life... And seeing your smile shows you have it all sweetie... Any guy would be soooo lucky to have your love...


Thats so sweet...thank you
No need for thanks... You can tel so much by seeing someone's smile... I just wish I was younger and closer!!! Then we may see if our souls could come together and make a great heart...

ruff ruff rolling on the floor laughing my thoughts exactly.
i mean the guy with the dog read my thoughts. youre a catch for sure.the young man will be quite furtunate.
How sweet of u...thanks
I like the sound of that... I like the look....... so two out of three ain't bad.... so just got to get to know number three.... the real you hug
Where do I stand in line for your fan club forms? Sexy, petite,
and sassy who wouldn't want that? I'm yours.
wow !!!u can sure burn the house on fire here sassy.
my bad, u r too out of reach for me girl hug
Thank you all so much
I am glad you posted this one Sassy..hug teddybear hehehe..
wave My last serious relationship she was that exact same size. So yeah i'll have to say i like that. Can't speak for all men. Some men like 7 ft tall 300 lb women with big each their own i guess. Me i have always been attracted to the more petite women. And thankfully.. there are a lot of em. Most women in my observations are say under 5'5", not so many that are amazonians. wow
you seem too young for me otherwise i like you .
I love that so i do!
sounds sexy to me easy to pick up and put u where i want u
well considering your a beautiful girl then yes. to me i have to get to know the person and see there personality as well. doesnt matter the height, or size. i like getting to know them and seeing how much more beautiful they are with their personality. and sense i think your a beautiful girl i surely would talk to you. my last girlfriend was 4'11 and like 110. trust me girl guys will like that. :]
Thank u so much everyone.That makes me feel better because sometimes i feel too small.
im from illinois like 15 miles away from u if even lets chat
Great things come in small Packages.
Makes my heart pound to think of opening it?

Hi sassy0210

wowww, alot of guys like youwow wow

You go girl...head banger head banger you rockhead banger head banger
your very attractive although I tend to have a soft spot for the bootie.
i love tiny petitte women. would love to hold you for the next 20 yrs or so!!!!!!!!!!!
The frame of the body matters little if the person inside it isn't good.
The frame of the body matters little if the person inside it isn't good.
i am too old and too far otherwize i would chase u endleslyhug
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