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Romney is a yes

Sounds like Trump has the votes he needs to get his Supreme Count nominee approved.professor

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So at least we now know that Trump expects to lose at the election, otherwise it would be pointless rushing through with this selection.
Given all the fraud that will be occurring due to mail in voting and vote harvesting.......if would be foolish for Trump to not fulfill his constitutional duty. professor
Riz -
RBG dying is a Strong predictor of The Don's re-election.

Given RBG's multiple health issues, it's Amazing that she'd not passed Long ago.
Clinging to the Hope that The Don would be defeated & denied the opportunity to name her replacement kept the spark of life in her.

Once the 'Crat Convention was over & Ol' Joe was Officially their nominee ...
RBG realized the Senile Last Living DixieCrat doesn't have a paper devil's chance in Hell of being Prez.
She lost what'd been keeping her alive ... She gave up.

A kinda sad ending to "an amazing life" ... sad flower

No one can ever explain to me Why RBG didn't retire in, say, '17 to allow Barry O to nominate her successor. Never!

Voting fraud in any substantial amount is a fallacy being exaggerated by the frightened right-wing. There is no evidence that any voter fraud has EVER had an influence on the elected candidate.
Moreover, both houses are so scared they may lose that the checks and balancing used this Nov will be greatly enhanced as can be found with a little diligent research.
Mail fraud is even less likely and is probably even safer this year that voting in person.
I had no idea Mic that you were privy to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's inner personal thoughts.
Or are you just making assumptions based on the usual hearsay and false innuendo?
If anyone wants to know when they will die, ask Miclee as he appears to have inside informationrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Soon AND Riz -

All of which voter fraud issues could result in a contested Prez Election - possibly to be decided by SCOTUS.
For which it'd be Highly Desirable to have a 9 Justice SCOTUS to avoid any possibility of a tied "hung jury" type situation.

Riz -

It's a sound conclusion -
The medical term for Loss Of The Will To Live is Failure To Thrive.
In RBG's case, Dems nominating an unelectable senile Prez candidate could arguably bring on Failure To Thrive.

Uninformed idiotic commentary buttressed by multiple rolling guys does Not constitute cogent argument ... scold

They don't even have to hold hearings since they have the votes. They could just hold a floor vote.

The same applies to a large pic and a single word comment WRITTEN IN ALL UPPER CASE ... Only the oversized pic & ONE WORD COMMENT is Even More Idiotic.

Sorry, Riz comfort Uncle Fester stole yer Title.

Why don't y'all R&R run along & have an enjoyable game of ...

Fester's drunk again - And it's not even the Weekend!

And you tried to belittle me for making factious statements rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
daydream I wonder if the Wicked Wizard Of The East Coast Elitists will show up talkin' how smart Lefties are -
I mean after the Uninformed idiocy with rolling guys & oversized pic with ALL CAP ONE WORD COMMENT brilliance displayed by his Flying Monkey Imp Minions.

That time the Wizard tried tellin' us Fester's smart with a sense of humor ...
That was cute ... laugh

I Merely pointed out the Comment in question was of an uninformed & idiotic nature.

Esteemed commenters feeling "belittled" own their own emotions ... smile

Okay, awright -
Flying Monkey Imp Minions ... THAT's a mite belittling.


let's hope Mittens doesn't pull a McCain!uh oh
This would be Especially true if Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) is nominated.

The case could be made that the Senate vetted her at her Court Of Appeals Confirmation Hearings ...

'Crats will complain they've not been given enough time to turn up a blubbering creep crying claiming ACB séxually forced herself on him Thirty years ago ... roll eyes

He has only agreed to go along with a vote taking place. He hasn't committed to affirm the nominee....but he was elected by the conservative people in Utah.
On the upside for 'Crats - If 'Publicans move ahead with nomination/confirmation ...
Senile Ol' Joe won't have to memorize "his" list of nominees from the DNC ... smile

They were just going to put it in the teleprompter for him to read..............once they got ready to tell him who they picked.
Soon -
They're scared as Hell what Ol' Joe's gonna say - Teleprompter or not.

Here's Ol' Joe talking FROM NOTES - see @ 0:35 ...


That's from Oz.
Has Anyone seen THAT on Murkun Mainstream Media?
Yeah. Me neither mumbling

Another BTW -
When they prop up Ol' Joe dressed in that blue suit - He looks like a badly embalmed corpse.

How the Hell is this zombie running for Prez?! ... doh Good Grief!!

Having worked 10 years in communist China Riz knows everything there is to know about freedom of speech, liberty, and democracy. Come on, Democrats committing mail fraud in the US... impossible. The fact millions of illegals are ready to vote is simply proper procedure along with criminals being let out of prison to cause more confusion. Mic it's will never happen. rolling on the floor laughing

Embedded image from another site
Mic I actually saw the clip of Biden fumbling for that card. Probably was linked on twitter. Bloomberg is paying the fines of 30,000 felons in Florida so they can vote for Biden. I think they are going to investigate him for bribery and election tampering.

Lou Dobbs
Florida Fraud:
announces he is calling on the Florida Attorney General to open an investigation into Michael Bloomberg for potentially engaging in bribery and vote buying after he paid the fines for convicted felons in Florida. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs
An Hour Ago -

Three possible SCOTUS picks & why any one of 'em could be confirmed before Nov. 3

1) I figured that HAD to be bullshit typing ... From 2 hours ago ...

... wow Nope ... Seems legit.

2) Do Ya Freakin' THINK?! very mad


Li'l Mike prob'ly clinched Florida for The Don.
When word of That gets 'round it'll energize 5× 30k Trump folks get out the vote -
And to get to the polls if they have to crawl over broken glass devil
5× 30k Minimum!!

Li'l Mike's just the Front Guy.

I'm guessin' the $$$$ is Really coming from China. ...

Prove That collusion, connect it to Ol' Joe & throw DNC mofos in prison devil

Mic a lot money is coming into the Biden campaign from small donations they aren't required to keep track of. Obama raised a lot of money this way too. The speculation is that it is coming from foreign sources.........probably at least in part from China.
A New Yorker caught buying felon votes (with ChiCom Yuan?) is as Stupid as it is Vile.

How the Hell do they THINK that'll affect Florida voters?! doh DUHHH!!

I reckon Confucius Of Oz will arrive shortly to school us with sanctimonious bullshit about Red Chinese righteousness.


It's called the willful suspension of disbelief Mic.
Kevin McCarthy Threatens Motion to Oust Privileged Pelosi if She Tries to Impeach President Trump Over Supreme Court Nomination.

Sounds like Murkowski is backpeddling.

Murkowski Backtracks on RBG Vacancy, Killing Democratic Hopes Of Blocking Trump's SCOTUS Nominee
Romney at no time said he would vote for Trumps nomination , Murkowski has not said that either . There is no nomination yet . It is a very different situation from Trump's and Obama's . Obama was at the end of his presidency while Trump is only half way through his . Besides the democrats can go to hell .
The fact that there is going to be a vote makes it very hard for a Republican senator to vote against the nominee without good cause. All Trump has to do is put forth a reasonable candidate without any major skeletons in the closet and passing should be a rubber stamp. Sure the Dems will whine and pout and threaten but there really isn't anything they can to stop it. If the Dems try to character assassinate a qualified woman candidate because of her religion it will be to their detriment. scold
Those are not the issues , fact remains neither Romney or the other one said they will vote for Trumps nominee .Their track record would point to not supporting Trump on any issue . scold scold Don't mis-understand where I am on this issue . For a democrat to vote against Trump it can be accepted but for Romney and Murkowski thats nothing more than treachery .
if those two had any Honor in their Arses,they both would abstain!

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