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What is your take on this song

It is a strange song if you ask me...

I have an opinion on its meaning....but...I would like to hear other's first.

Happy Friday all.


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i like that song. whenever i decide to make a move, i think of this song
I like it too Orchid. I have not heard it in awhile...other than the other morning before I even woke up, it was playing in my dream as I woke up. I found it very strange. dunno
oops....cryptor :)

Sorry, you have changed your name a bit. :)

jonny, no laws broken that i know of.
There are different theories what the song is about. Here's one I tend to agree with from Song Facts.

Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics to this and most of Elton's other songs. He often seems to write about Elton, but this one appears to be about himself. The lyrics are about giving up a life of opulence for one of simplicity in a rural setting. Elton has enjoyed a very extravagant lifestyle, while Taupin prefers to keep it low key.

Low key...cheers
Someone tired of the limelights and the quest for more, yearning for the simple natural roots of one's past.
Thank you Loh for your interpretation. That sounds like it could be.

Mine is based a lot from the first two lines....

Maybe I have been listening to Sea's video too much...

But, I get the impression it is about a young boy's innocence forcefully being taken by an elite/or elites. ....thus...the innocence the yellow brick road represents has all been removed from his life. dunno

Thank you Jim...yours aligns much with Loh's.

Again, thank you both.

wave wave
The yellow brick road is likely a reference the quest for more, as in on the way to Oz.
"Follow the yellow brick road".
Yes Jim, I can agree with that. I would also identify it as an establish path through life that many have followed...sorta a destiny to all that is happiness....if you recall all the people in Oz.

I think the actual writer of the song began to realize, that the glitzy 'success' did not bring the happiness and satisfaction that he thought it would be, and he began to question, if he was on the right path.
A part of him, instead longed for the simple natural life, away from phonies, and back to his roots with simple pleasures.
Happy Sunday y'all.
McBob...dept. of Astrophysics
Aka the Color Co Ordinate code of PoP.

Black hole sun / Soundgarden
Goodbye blue sky / pink Floyd
Goodbye Yellow brick road / E John
A "dream" song...hmmm.
Could have been a worse song to wake up to than that I suppose.
Hello Rose and Bob. wave
yawn almost time to call it a night.

Do you like a radio station to wake you up?
Instead if an alarm clock..sorry yawn gosh.
flirty my eyelids are so heavy.
Robert was worn out early tonight too.blushing

A THREE BLOG night.grin

I usually wake up to nothing Patti. What about you?

Three blogs in one night should satisfy any woman. laugh ....and you wore Robert out.
rolling on the floor laughing G'night Johnny
Ok ok I've got a choko for you too.

What is your take on this song? shock
Way back in 1975 [ if memory serves
TIME mag. Did a cover story on EJ...
Your reporter was in his senior year & John had recently appeared in the bay Area-- at the top of his game...
..what I recall from the article was that EJ' s songs..
,esp. Daniel, rocket man, Levon and .. yellow brick road...would not work in anyone elses voice-- perhaps he meant they would not, platinum etc.

Btw, eYe mention Levon because that is a forgotten Goldy....that gets zero air play here in F burg at "classic rock".
Robert...maybe I should relax? dunno laugh Lately I have not had the time to do that....but something to look into I suppose. thumbs up
Hello Bob. That is very interesting about Elton John being the only one who could pull these songs off. I will look into that other song you mention. I do not recall ever hearing it.

Oh, you've probably heard it...but people tend to forget the name of it....and one of the reasons for that...{ Minor point

professor a great many dee jays are Lame.

eYe too, would link it...but I'm stuck in the 70's...
.. don't have a computer anymore & am therefore
Yes are right. I have heard it.
If they ever let me in the studio
Levon is going right between
..Frosty the Snowman
And Locomotive breath on the X mas play list.
I'm almost afraid of what the meaning of this song equates to- blues

Nice Bob. got me on this one. lol
If you got good bass for this song it works just the words hmmmmmmm.?
Just listened on my bass.

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