my story about life and it's reasons...

As I journey through life, all I see is wrongs, miseries unsolved, some stories untold
Secrets unfold, I keep asking questions I can’t dissolve. The more I walk the more I learn
The more I work the more I earn. Working my fingers to the bone till the end.
I comprehend The yesterday we waved, paved the basics of today. The fear of tomorrow is sorrows.
For life has giving us enough reasons to cry and try, In a quest to get a life we stumble and fall
But Striving leads us all to where we belong. The pains of life are compulsions that concept’s us to reality.
What does life have to offer? Thinking of this makes me suffer or even strike out.
For life took away Moses and we sure have a day we fade like roses.

Inspire people with words istead of guns..
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Maybe you should take your own advice....

"Inspire people with words istead of guns"

Try writing something about the good things in life instead of all the doom and gloom...... Go On... inspire us with your words !
Read the Power of Now by Echkart Tolle I know that will help. It sure did help me. Life is a journey as you said and what we speak and think we manifest in our future. Negative=negative, Positive=positive. Live for NOW with no regrets from yesterday and no worries for tomorrow. Things happen just the way they should. Instead of feeling bad about situations ask yourself what you learned. Then let it go.

Love and Positive Thoughts
It's sad that all you see in your life is wrongs and miseries unsolved. Do you never see sunshine? Does the breeze never blow through your hair?

Life is difficult, but through the tears try to see the beauty in your journey as well. I believe we are born with one big question in our heart, from which all the smaller ones come. That question is put there for us to seek the other words, our journey has a destination. We ALL have the question.

Everyone won't agree with me on this. But if you feel that life has nothing to offer you, and it brings you only suffering and aggression, you are going the wrong way/seeking the wrong answer. There is no hope in nothingness. Don't let it take you captive.
yea.. thanks for the advise i was writing from another persons point of view... such as does in declined third world nations and does in somalia and haiti....
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