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I don't drink alcohol, so i will not get those health benefits from drinking red wine.

I'll get those same health benefits from doing other things.

I must say that i use a solution made of red wine for my skin (i like it).
I am just wondering if this site is as active as it used to be.
Wine is made from fruit, most commonly grapes, all of which contain antioxidants.
Thus, you can get the same benefits by drinking juice without the negative health
side effects from alcohol ingestion such as car accidents, falling down stairs,
throwing up and waking up in jail or next to someone you don't know. laugh

Alcohol used to be more necessary back when drinking water condition was deplorable.
The alcohol kept microbe growth at bay.
Milan pizza ~~ Yes, I was aware of the great benefits of a good red wine that is not coloured and does not contain additives. I used to love to go to a restaurant that was known for good food and wine and of course for a treat my partner would buy a very expensive one. Delicious.

I developed a terrible allergic reaction to Red Wine [even the expensive ] and get a rash, temperature goes up, I get a roaring migraine headache and can't breathe.

I can drink White wine, I really loved Red wines though. I used to love Red Wine and cheese with mixed grapes and ironically I can't eat much cheese or I get the same effect and also Milk, can't touch it.

We are what we eat. Thanks for your blog and keep writing more.
wine Yup, wine is pretty good, if drank in moderation, one half glass full.

And another half glass full before I drink another half glass full. drinking

And another. Heck, just give me the whole bottle.

Just kidding.

Yes, they say red wine has it's health benefits, good for the heart and circulation.. and so on. cool
Oh, it's active alright...nice to meet you..

Wing Division commander McBob....wave
Glossygolden, have you tried eating twigs?
The current consensus is that alcohol is bad for you. In small enough amounts, it probably won't do you any harm, but no amount will do you any good, apparently. dunno
Yes, but without alcoholic drinks, a lot of couples wouldn't have gotten together. beer
I abstained from alcohol most of my life, but these days I enjoy a glass of wine from time to time. I eat well along with my drink so it always makes me feel great. It also makes me funnier and talkative. wine
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