Virginity aucktion ???

A girl sell her virginity to the highest bidder for college fund. . . .

Im fit , attractive , and im a virgin she said. . .
Thats what i read in my local pappers and and i guess it's all over the news latelly..
And this is my VALENTINE BLOG to you all . . .

I really am concern about this kind of social issue and i feel that the world has given a very small portion towards this matters.
The world leaders are too bussy talking bout crissis,bailouts,oil,gold,uranium even peace talk that we all know it only looks right in the papers. . .
Hey Mr President, why did you spent most of our taxes on wars and raise the debts and loans of the country to carry on our grandchildren's shoulders?
Hey Mr President, how if this virginity aucktion or its other form of this social issues happens to your children?
Look what this world have become???
Im not here to judge, life is a free choice that one made for it self. . .
But im not here to stand for it as it is ones individuals right either. . .
Im also not here to ask your synical comments. . .
Im here because im lost in my thoughts.
Many girls, women,boys and men has seemed to find their way out, their first class tickets on their life problems from this prostitution business,mostly due to their good old economical reason. .

Who's to blame then?
What to do?
The world is getting crazy can we at least do something about it?
We can try to give compassion and understanding towards other rather than judge them, we could give GOD a bigger portion in our family. . .

But will this be enough to make a change?. . .

Happy Valentines day dear friends . . . .
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a guy tried to sell his virginity on ebay once i think he got arrested . confused

i say let them sell it it's theirs .

look up your political figures salaries they soak up much of the taxes then waste time making up stupid laws in the pursuit of being funny or looking busy .

it is illegal to teach others what polygamy is .
it is illegal to wrestle bears .
animals are banned from mating within 1,500 feet of taverns schools or places of worship .

just to name a few .
Dear Adamisk
it is a crazy world indeed. . .
The governments are all ready for our demonstrations and revolts with there battons, gas and tazers. We won't win that way ! Do it by boycotting there media and corporate backed goods and banks etc. Get the message over where it will hurt them most. The silent and peaceful method it best and only way, but that will be much easier said than done. Will human nature unite and make sacrifices, that I doubt unfortunately....sad flower
assassination is easier
Dear RDM,
Yes, i agree with you,i also think revolution and war was never an instant glory for there always be casualties.
We,people need to be smarter then our countries men.
I do believe that the smallest change somehow counts, and that change starts from our self.
Take care. .
Dear Adamisk
hmmm, i prefer character assasination actually. . . grin
less jail time too
Dear Adamisk
hehehe ure absolutely rite. It would be a pleasure to p*ssed them off (please mind my wordings), those hypocrit country men!.
seriously i looked it up these people in congress the people citizens put in charge to serve in office to serve us citizens make more in a single month than i make in a year . not all of them mind you but most .frustrated
What eles is new? the muslums think there gonna go to heaven and get a bunch of virgins lmao
Hi Kasih

Good to see you keep up writing on here. I am going to be a wee bit controversial here and say, I hope she got a big sum of money and I mean thousands. What would be a good price do you think? I set it at a minimum of £10,000.

Oh and contrary to Indonesian dodgy profiles I was never banned - how ridiculous, but I am back to put the little tinkers in their place and after that well who knows....

Dear Adamisk my friend. .
So u want to be like them ? Hehehe
Dear Pixels
good to see u again.
Show those half sheep half wolf people what ure made off. . .
Dear sideshowbob
i am terribly sorry i have to delete ur 3 comments there, like i mentioned above im not here to judge,to justify or to hear synical matters on my blog. I was hoping to have a constructive and positive feedback.
But i understand why ure so upset and i forgive u, but i was only quoting an article over the telegraph daily news and the article did mentioned shes from New Zealand? If it makes u happy,then yes ure right prostitution is the oldest job ever exist and its exist all over the world.
But, unfortunately in my country it will never be legalized because we were bound to respect our religion but yes prostitution do exist here too like in any other country aswell!
But thank you for commenting those such lovely words, i am sorry as i may somehow gives u discomfort my dear friend.
God bless u sideshowjob from New Zealand.
Anybody may do whatever pleases with its life .....however ....before trying to judge other people.....we must look into ourselves and try to realize how much we are giving to the world ......there are many people that spend their whole life complaining all the time but they do nothing to better their own interacction with people.....their souls are full of bad feelings .....they are not happy themselves and consecuently they cannot make anybody happy......................
Actually i just learn to delete comment thanks to dew drop, i was commenting earlier about would like to find that person who rubishly spread hatred and rubish towards other members here. Well,in life there always be a psycopath who acted like an angel, a wolf in a sheep disguise. so why waste time on rubish?
Dear JL. .
What a very wonderful comment you give. You're a nice and kindhearted person, God bless u!
kasih i have been called many things but not suicidal how long would i be in office breathing after the pay cuts start ? not very long i don't think .
An Irish girl sold her virgin a few years back i think it was on the Internet....she was a lesbian with a partner ...long story short she made a lot of money ..and for me if some guy is stupid enough to pay a lot of money for her (and he did) fair play to her.... dunno
Dear Mitchel
well same old same old but u cant blame people for what they believe can u . . .
Dear Adamisk
hehehe lol
World leaders just look at what occurred at the Copenhagen Summit and since then. Did they really listen to all who campaigned? This is the point, we vote but do they commit to their pledges?
Look at where the leaders go next after their term? Meanwhile the rich continue to getv rich and the poor poorer.

I would like to know more about the virginty auction? Can we send some of the pixies from here with fake profiles wink
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