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Cindy McCain endorses Joe Biden

Cindy, wife of the deceased former war hero, John McCain, joins a long list of Republicans who understand the importance of electing Joe Biden in the upcoming election to ensure the survival of our nation and the integrity of the government, as well as having a lot of bipartisan experience necessary to bring people together to accomplish shared goals and heal the nation.

From Axios;

Comments (5)

I saw the commercial on TV.

That was a given. We all remember the negative things Trump said about John McCain.

I can't wait until we stop talking about Trump.
Unfortunately, that won't be until he is found guilty and sent to jail.
The trials will generate a lot of talk, especially as more & more crimes are revealed
and the trials proceed.
Cindy McCain endorses Joe Biden

Oh what a shock! Say it ain't so!
You guys... too funny. rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing

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