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I survied going to town and dentist!

Aprils appt, for cleaning had been canceled when covid hit. Got a call, if I wanted Oct. Not really, but what choice. So yesterday was it. Almost canceled a dozen times. I was so wound up in the am , my stomach was in knots.I haven't left my farm for 5 months. I have made 2 masks and did one more this week. Thought of 4 stores I should do since in town. Well..3...OK...2. Went to town. Stopped at St. Vinnys, masked and gloved. Avoided people. At least only a few in there. Went out to car and put stuff in trunk.
Got to dentist and called to let them know, in parking lot. They sent the tech out. She said I didn't have to come in if that worried. sigh No choice...wait til 2 more years?dunno She took me into the foyer. took temp, said since gloved, no hand san.
We went back. She said no cases ever from dentist offices. And they didn't have to add much for safety since they did lots before. Got my xrays and cleaning. Doc did his checkup, found one cavity, so have to go back December 14th.
Left, pulled off mask and gloves. Drove to Dollar Tree, new mask and gloves. Ended up spending $100 on everything I need for the next 5 months!
Just thought of it...CAN'T!crying crying frustrated Dentist in December. ARGH! Maybe??? Covid will be less by then? Yeah, like that will happen. I talked to my tenant at the barn tonight. He is a lawyer. He said gal came in, said she had been to a wedding and they had covid. So she was SUPPOSED to be quarantining.
He had on mask and she did. But he handed her the paperwork to sign OUTSIDE and made her sign it on her car hood.
So moron? Selfish? Careless? He said he had known hardly anyone that had it, now knows lots is around.
How do we get it in people's heads to care about others if not themselves?frustrated very mad

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Hi Orzzz wave

Art and I had a busy day too today.
Went to Walmart to do a little shopping. Dropped off a birthday parcel for Art’s daughter at the USPS.

He then drove me to a pharmacy inside Costco Wholesale so that I can have my flu shot at $19.99.

We then went to the VA hospital. Next stop, his youngest brother’s place to drop off his birthday gift and card at the door-step.

Decided to head home instead of doing grocery shopping. Took a 2-hour break and off to the store we went! Came home just in time for dinner. I microwaved some leftover Ghoulash for him. My son and I had some simple noodle soup.

Now, we are about to watch our favourite comedy series on Netflix, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and help ourselves to some ‘Death By Chocolate’ ice-cream. love

This pandemic is causing a lot of uncertainties and inconveniences but this too shall pass....

Take care bouquet

P.S: I envy people who could sew.
Around here the dentists offices are like corrals with as many as 8 chairs side by side and several dentist and staff bouncing back and forth to patients.
Because of this, I've cancelled cleanings twice.
30 miles from me is a dentist I used a few years ago and his office is a converted 2 bedroom house. Only one chair per room.
He's the only dentist there with 1 assistant and one hygienist.
I'm considering going back to him.
I can't believe a dentist acting like nothing has changed. My guy said his has a patient entering alone. Staff checks temp, asks questions, has him use hand san. Then he goes back to room and has to gargle or brush with some gunk for several minutes.
Mine calls and ask health questions and gives rules. No waiting room. No people passing in halls. Wait in car til staff comes to take you in. Asks about changes since call, takes temp. Asked on phone if masked or they bring one out.
The office gals are all behind plexglass too.
I am used to when I would leave the farm, to hit 6-10 stores and do it all using the one trip. Now can't do it. The less time out and about the better.
Numbers keep going up and up. Is this crap EVER going to end? Now the meds are whining about Thanksgiving boosting covid more. Getting old for sure.
Saw a gal I know across aisle in resale. She said she misses hugging grandkids.

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